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Why I’ll NEVER Play Video Games Again After Learning This

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Video games are one of the few hobbies that ruin your mind when your doing it AND when you’re not doing. Even when you dabble in games your brain gets hijacked and you develop “gamer brain”. This is why.

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  1. :44 wow this guy is self untitled to hell and back

  2. This is like watching a Flat Earther explain their "theories" on our planet. Just plain painful. I hope it's a troll. Please please please be a troll video.

  3. If your goal is to meet other's standards and the exhaustive process to impress people than sure I agree. I'm in excellent health, as are many gamers so that stereotyoe is fading. I personally find video games very therapeutic.

  4. I miss seeing the dislike count on YouTube for videos like this.

  5. To make a long story short. He talks about how gamers have no self control and how hobbies are fun and Addicting. Simple Things and it's amazing that he could make a 10min long video on it.

    My gape with this is that most of the time when gamers don't get out there and make a successful life is because they don't want that or are simply trying to just escape from the world either from bad Parenting or other unavoidable problems. If someone want or can get a successful life so easily by just quiting video games we would have 50 elon musks. The world is not that simple.

  6. the moral of the story: “gaming is bad becuase it’s not gonna build you a business, because you know im an enterpreneur i’ve build many businesses”

    tho abt world of warcraft i agree. never played it but ive heard many ppl saying it ruined their lives

  7. This guy is full of shit :
    1 – Playing video games, and problem-solving in video games DOES translate to real-world problem solving skills. There are multiple studies around that prove this.
    2 – He's straight up putting casual gamers and gaming addicts in the same basket.
    3 – Gaming addiction is almost always the symptom of an underlying issue (like depression for example).
    4 – He is fundamentally misunderstanding how the human brain works. Gaming is straight-up the best way of learning new skills humankind has come up with so far. It's so effective that we have begun to try and implement game mechanics in work and school environment.
    5 – There are literally clinical trials that were conducted as the East California University that showed that online games can OUTPERFORM pharmaceuticals for treating ANXIETY and DEPRESSION.

    All of his points immediatly fall appart if you consider any game that encourages social, creative or problem solving skills
    The shameless plug towards the end makes me think all he's trying to do with this video is to sell you a product.

  8. Actually it’s a scientific fact playing video game stimulates your brain and keeps the blood flowing and keeps the brain running. Specially strategic games that require you to think

  9. This man is coping and seething over twitch streaming profits.

  10. If gaming has that effect then imagine someone who work making them infact imagine someone who legit is working overtime

    games in general are a mark of sentience!
    Animals do play,but they DO NOT play games…………….

  12. just go back to boardgames………………..
    or are they trappings of the devil?

  13. Your lucky YouTube removed the dislike button

  14. it does'nt stop you from being successful people are sucesful with youtube with video games, you don't understand anything about video games…

  15. I know what you're talking about.
    Most people get angry because it contradicts their hobby. In addition, most people just don't want to think about successful business or outstanding skills that affect real life.
    And obviously it is impossible to exclude computer games from life by 100% it will be more effective to minimize it as much as possible.

  16. The problem is not gaming, its addiction, any addiction is bad, yes gaming can become your addiction but thats not really the games vault but its just that you don't have self control. And if a game makes me think about that game after playing it thats called a *good game*.

  17. Alex : gaming is bad
    Also alex : plays dooms song in the outro

  18. Success isn't everything, in fact people who store up treasure on Earth are in for a shock. Especially when the powers that be start taking it away from you… which they are going to do very, very soon lol.

    It's most important to know Jesus, seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Chasing carrots doesn't really get anyone anywhere in the end, and the love of money brings a snare.

  19. I see all of these comments shitting on this video but I completely agree with many of the points on this video. I have myself realised that nothing in my life is really that fun anymore. Since my brain is so used to the constant high levels of dopamine and stimulation I get through games most of the things in my life is as fun. It's come to the point where I don't really give a crap about much in my real life and struggle to get into the work I have to do. I know I have to do the work but I always end up getting distracted by games or YouTube (gaming content) since they're constantly on my mind. I've even become bored with games that have a slower pace where things don't happen ALL the time.

  20. Nothing is bad in itself. Lack of awareness and presence of mind and lack of time limit discipline is. You need to put time limit from Day 1.

  21. I just don't agree with you but I truly hope you are happy and I hope you take everyone as they are

  22. me watching this video and reading stuff online is lot worse than playing games in my opinion

  23. But what if I turn my business into a video game? Win/win?

  24. You're not addressing an issue of video games —you're addressing an issue with addiction, obsession, and compulsivity. I really came here to get challenged but your points are lacking and the science doesn't back what you think it backs.

  25. Dude , this was one of the greatest, insightful, and most straight forward videos I’ve ever seen. I needed to see this, Thank you

  26. Did I hear wrong or did he really say he's the most successful youtuber of all time? I'd like to see his reaction when he'd find out Piewdiepie has 110M subs and he got successful by starting to play videogames, 😆😆😆.

  27. Lmaoooo know all he does is play games for money lol this guy half bullshit half facts

  28. Working 60 hours per week plus driving time, showering, dressing, eating. I guess I shouldn't play video games so I can spend my spare 75 minutes per day working on something more productive…

  29. I see where you're coming from, but I disagree. your only thinking of success. you should mention that you should stop playing video games if you want to do a certain thing or job better. this is not a hate comment

  30. He’s not completely wrong, but he’s wrong more than he is right.

  31. Facts, no cap. I see a lotta game kissers in the comments.

  32. The dislike bar going away has helped this video more than any other video ever.

  33. Someone definitely got T Bagged By 12 year olds.

  34. At first there was sleepy snake….then caffeinated snake….then woke snake also know as a clone of "big woke VERY PG boss".

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