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What is MentalUP? – Educational Games For Kids on All Platforms!

MentalUP – Educational Games
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MentalUP is a scientific educational game application, developed by academicians, educators, and game designers. 👨‍⚕️👨‍🏫👨‍🎨

🌏 MentalUP is used by thousands of schools and millions of kids across the globe. Children who regularly use MentalUP improve their cognitive skills such as attention, memory and problem-solving. 🧠 ⚡️

Both the ability to pay attention and focus have been scientifically proven to directly affect academic achievement and school success. 💪

According to recent academic research, the attention skills of children using MentalUP improve significantly. 📈

Apart from its cognitive games, MentalUP is a comprehensive, broad-based educational platform which includes games that support school lessons. It’s Child Safe and Ads-Free. 🎓🎒

In addition, MentalUP does not require expert support or teacher assistance. It provides personalized daily workouts for each child which are limited by its artificial intelligence engines to 20 minutes a day. ⏳

As a parent, you can easily track your children’s cognitive development using MentalUP’s powerful reporting tools. 📊

This allows you to analyze your children’s progress and their level of improvement compared with the same age group. You can then use MentalUP’s data to give them efficient, targeted guidance. 🎯

With MentalUP, while children are enjoying educational games, parents can report their progress in a practical way. 🥳

What is in MentalUP?

🧠 Attention Development Exercises / Games
🐘 Memory Improvement Exercises / Games
🎏 Visual Intelligence Exercises / Games
📖 Verbal Intelligence Exercises / Games
🔢 Math Exercises / Games
🎵 Auditory Exercises / Games
💬 Logic Development Exercises / Games

MentalUP is suitable for all children. It is also quite popular among parents who would like to support their mental health! 😊

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