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Welcome to Extra Credits EDU: A Resource for Educational Games on Steam!

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We want to help teachers, parents, and students find games to teach with and learn from. Many of those games are no further away than Steam, the most popular digital distribution source on the internet! We launched the Extra Credits EDU Steam Curators group to create a list of those games, along with a description of what school subjects they can be used for (history, physics, and many more).

We’re still expanding the list and would love to work with other educators to find more games!

***** To volunteer, please contact: tobias[at]extra-credits[dot]net *****


  1. I actually just downloaded influent a few days ago when it was available through the humble bundle

  2. Zelda: A Link's Awakening music <3 I think.

  3. You should add Valiant hearts ! Great game, and it was meant to be an introduction to the first world war period. The developpers actually had the projects to give to schools.
    And by the way, very good initiative and very good list 🙂

  4. another reason to love extra credits <3

  5. really, any game can teach you something.  i learned basic math from Final Fantasy, and reading from Pokemon.

  6. My god I though I knew a lot about history (by far my favorite subject in school), but my adventures in paradox interactiveland since late november 2014 made me reasure what I already knew: school is a huge pile of shit when it comes to teaching people stuff. Like, enormously huge piece of shit. I had no idea that Normans invaded England (or what they where), that gallia was invaded by franks, that started calling it francia, that their empire would conquer italy (which was invaded by lombards), and the pope would crow the emperor that did this, karl "charlesmagne", the emperor of the west romam empire, which already had someone in it, effectively creating the schism between rome and constantinople. Also, france would be separeted from that empire, making it effectively german. Actually, I didn't know there was a holy roman empire.

    I didn't know there where such things as coptic christians! Fuck me, I learn soooo much from three months of ckii, eu iv and attemps at victoria ii and hearts of iron iii. So much very important stuff I never learned at school, and by looking at my 3 year high school history book, never will. It has about two pages about the holy roman empire, and that book holds half a page space to explaining (in tips, not actually explaining why it's like this) how centuries work.

  7. My favorite educational on Steam is Ride to Hell: Retribution. It teaches you how not to make a video game.

  8. Wow Dan! So smart! That's so awesome! I'm going there right now!

  9. YES. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lol sorry but eu4 and crusader kings 2 are way better games then empire total war or civilization. I like all 4 as games but with civ i have the problem geography is just utter nonsense to learn it from and empire total war doesnt have the holy roman empire that meanst that the small states can be eaten very fast. Crusader kings 2 is very realistic for the feudal system you know with the dutchies and the counts. Also AC:UNITY isnt the best game to explain history as it has a lot of fictional stuff.

  11. I would recommend Europa Universalis IV, Victoria II, Hearts of Iron III or IV and Crusader Kings II for their geography and history

  12. This list is amazing! Now I can show this to friends and family when I'm talking about the educative power of games!

  13. Thank you so much. I'm glad I took the time to write in.

  14. A video about sequels and what they should be?

  15. Hey, were you guys not at your booth at Pax East 2015? I was really excited to meet you guys. 

  16. Grow Home would probably good in terms of teaching Design.

  17. I am not a game developer but I like your channel for so many reasons. You are interesting, funny informative and all clearly very intelligent people who love what you are doing and it shows.

    But the thing that I really LOVE about your channel? You always post a link to the music you use! 
    I can't tell you the amount of times i've torn hair out trying to find out what background music is playing in peoples youtube vids.

    I and my hairline, thank you. Keep up the amazing work.

  18. Man, I would have loved to have been in Mr. Husøy's class!
    I'm glad to see games being used in education, and taken more seriously in general.

  19. It's a bit of a stretch, but FEZ could be used to teach spatial reasoning and geometry.

  20. This is good that they added this to help spread the games that can teach something about our world.

  21. Too bad King of Dragon Pass isn't on Steam. A lot of things you can learn from that game with the right mindset.

  22. Kerbal space program better be on the list.

  23. I'm not in the educational field right now, but I am very glad that you guys have been able to make such a thing possible. With many adults seeing video games as a "waste of time" or "corrupting our youth", I am very glad that there are some who are willing to prove that there is much good to be found in video games. Thank you for doing gaming such a tremendous service. Keep up the excellent work, Extra Credits 🙂

  24. The music song oh my god
    There is no emoticon that adequately portrays my feelings after hearing song

  25. Are 'building games' considered educational these days? If so I think you should add Garry's Mod to the list. 

  26. On the idea of this list, i think it should expend to other games too; just to mix it up a lil. Also, if you can do it right, almost any game can be educational if you use it right. thinking of their original video about the subject; kinda like how they mentioned a father asked his son/daughter, I forget which it was, ask to point out the colors. Or, for a science class, they could study the habits of the creatures in games like metriod and compare to real life animals or parasites. Like, talk about how similar a metroid is to certain bugs who feed on animals or bacteria or vice versa. 

  27. what about that game were it starts of as a glitched world and you fix it with code blocls, i forgot the name of it though

  28. Well done Tobias Staaby and Aleksander Husøy 😀

    Also a good co-operation from Exstra Credits fighting the good fight.

  29. Recommendations:

    Valiant Hearts: The Great War (History, Social Studies, Moral Ethics)
    Portal 1 & 2 (Puzzle, Moral Ethics)
    Bioshock (Alt. History, Social Studies, Moral Ethics, Moral Choices)
    Bioshock Infinite (Alt. History, Social Studies, Moral Ethics, Moral Choices) 
    Assassins Creed 2, 3 & 4 (Social Studies, Moral Ethics)
    Fallout 3 (Alt. History, Historical Fiction, Moral Ethics, Moral Choices)

  30. How about Rocksmith 2014 on that list? I know it´s a bit "in your face" learning but it actualy helped me a ton in learning guitar and keeping me motivated on a day to day basis.
    I also enjoied "The Counting Kingdom" a lot, but that seems to be even more in your face learning experience. (than again, how to teach math without actual math?)

  31. As a Historian of Revolutionary France, I couldn't help but cringe when I saw AC: Unity on the curated list. I understand the idea of being able to look at historical buildings, but that seems like a small pro when compared to all the misinformation in that game. Perhaps the game is not as bad as it seems, but when the preview has the reign of terror going on in 1789….

  32. I love the total butchering of the teachers names ;D

  33. So happy to see Influent on the list 😀

  34. You gotta add Never Alone on that list too.

  35. I totally encourage this kind of initiative… but what do you exactly call "educational games" ? ^^ I think there is a strict sense and a general sense for the word "education". The strict sense covers what is purely informative, "objective" knowledge, skills learning, like schools or Vsauce. And the general sense concerns anything that "makes you learn things" whatever this expression means, and this include lots of novels and movies which do not intend to "educate" in the strict sense, but rather just to deal with a certain topic or capture a certain idea in an emotional experience. Since you talked about educators and parents, and since this list would make no sense anyway if it was about education in its broad sense, I assume you're talking about education in its strict meaning. But then, why can we find "This War of Mine" and "Assassin Creed" on the list? I think it's ok to have for example historical games (Civilisation, Total War..), as in literature the historical novel genre makes blurry the limits between novels and history books, but for most of the list, these games are hardly "educational". Anyway…

  36. I'm pretty sure Minecraft is used in juvenile prisons to educate the teens there about moral and immoral behavior by having rules like "if you steal from another player, you're not allowed to play for some time". Although this is more thanks to the sandboxy nature of the game than the intent of the game, I still think it could be counted as an educational game.

  37. This is a wonderful idea and the list seams like a good starting point. The games on the list I'm the most familiar with are Sim City 4, which I have learned a thing or two about basic economy and infrastructure from. Plague Inc, which I have learned a little bit about outbreak of viruses, and how people react to them (and maybe also how to write good news headlines). And finally Civ. I have only played Civ V but it has shown me about how city location matter, and when or why to go to war!

  38. i dont now if you put this game on the list already, but i would like to reccomend ´´the stanley parable“, i teached me that the worker is as important as the boss.

  39. Unrelated to this video in the sense of its content. Why are Nintendo"s products not considered Triple A works. I know that Nintendo never bought in to the Triple A model but are their games really unworthy of being called Triple A? Also what is a Triple A game any way? Really I would like to videos on both.

  40. Assassins creed unity? Wow way to continue the tradition of edutainment games being good teaching tools, but crappy games.

  41. Oh my gosh, that Link's Awakening Mabe Village remix…  I LOVES IT.

  42. Hey, I just learned you guys came out as against gamergate a while ago. Would you mind me asking why? If you don't want to answer that's OK, I won't pester you over it, I'm just curious since it came as a shock to me and I've not seen any videos where you guys discuss it.

    Your channel has a history of identifying it's sponsored content, James wrote a great speech about how far gaming had to go and the trials we'd have to put up with to get a better medium out of it.

    Gamergate is a customer revolt against a media where reviews are all but paid for in cash, instead reviewers are paid bonuses based on the games sales, or advertising put along side the article will be pulled if the article is negative(and we have seen companies threaten to pull advertising if reviews aren't positive), and the winner of some design competitions in the gaming world aren't related to skill and achievement, but who you know and how. This hurts consumers who get an inferior product and small developers who don't have the connections or funds to compete.

    Honestly I can't imagine you're against the sort of thing gamergate is about, what am I missing?

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