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Welcome to Extra Credits EDU: A Resource for Educational Games on Steam!

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We want to help teachers, parents, and students find games to teach with and learn from. Many of those games are no further away than Steam, the most popular digital distribution source on the internet! We launched the Extra Credits EDU Steam Curators group to create a list of those games, along with a description of what school subjects they can be used for (history, physics, and many more).

We’re still expanding the list and would love to work with other educators to find more games!

***** To volunteer, please contact: tobias[at]extra-credits[dot]net *****


  1. Hey guys! I dunno how much you check these comments but just wanted to let you know that Kerbal has a specially designed version of their game made for classrooms called KerbalEDU. However, since it has been fitted specifically to be sold at a discount to educational institutions, that version is not on Steam. You should really find a way to link to it or at least post a heads up about that on your steam list, because it's one of the few games in there that has a classroom-ready version!

    You can find out about it at kerbaledu.com

  2. Hey commenters, quick question! 
    Does anyone have suggestions for video games that 1) have voice acting, 2) have subtitles, and 3) are fairly forgiving when you fail? 
    The only game I have so far is Sly 2, and I'm looking for something similar for my 7 yr old niece to play. She can't read well yet, and gets frustrated with lives systems. 
    Any suggestions? 

  3. Why are there not more adult edutainment games? Why can't science, math, and language learning games exist for people over the age of 12?  I want Math Blaster to cover calculus and more integrated language learning software where I can explore areas and learn about cultures in the languages I want. Grr.

  4. @Aleksander Husøy @Tobias Staaby Age of empires II hd: The forgotten empires: it maybe loosely based, but I take the campaigns seriously, more the Alaric and Dracula, El Dorado Campaign maybe teach about myths in South America, as well aborigens who lived there. Also the Forgotten Battles are, in my humble opinion, exact at some point, more the York battle.

  5. You guys are just amazing !
    Btw, does anyone know how I could add french subtitles to some of their videos ?

  6. All of the yes. I'm planning on becoming a teacher, and I would love to incorporate games into classes (or at least assign them as HW). I like the list you've got so far, and I hope that it grows in the future.

  7. I'm still not sold on this whole 'games in the classroom idea.' For instance, the dilemmas presented in The Walking Dead can be taken in abstraction and built on even further through traditional lecture. Not that there isn't any value to The Walking Dead in dealing with morals, just that using it to deal with a philosophical dilemma is superfluous.

  8. Any good games that teach mathematics? I want to make games, but i'm very rusty on math, as i didn't do to well on it in high school.  I nee to learn trig in particular. I want to love math.  School made me hate it, but i want to change that. 

  9. Try adding Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions. I've research where it was based on and it was based on Thirty years war. I've read about it. And the next day we got a quiz about that and Im like "I'll acd this!" I got 30 out of 50 pnts

  10. Hey! They showed Civ! And I agree with it teaching history

  11. Bioshock Infinite anyone? Come on, it tells a lot about religion, has amazing story-telling, and it leaves you in your room staring at the ceiling, thinking about your life for 10+ minutes after the ending.

    Seriously, I fuckin' love this game.

  12. clap clap clap* Best thing I've seen in gaming since, when gaming companies started making 3D games 

  13. Brilliant idea, kids get to play games and learn something about the game topic assuming they are made to pay attention to it all.

  14. If you can could you make a extra history about the Vikings the topic is interesting to me and I am related to some of the greats. If you can thank you .

  15. Anyone  else feel like Game Dev Tycoon ought to be on there? Not quite on the level of This War Of Mine but it's still got a few things in it I think are worth trying to teach people, especially people interested in game design.

  16. I was thinking, I know EC made a video about making esports games quite a while ago and they talked about how the games needed to be enticing to watch in order to have fans and that no game had really done this before, well what about five nights at freddy's? It's popular because of the youtubers playing it and uploading videos of it.

  17. You should put Valiant Hearts in!

  18. Did you know edu is the Estonian word for success. Nice coincidence.

  19. I used "this war of mine" in my politiks class and the kids loved it. Sadly there isnt much time for things like that in our curricula

  20. If anyone reading this wants to create an educational game, I give you this idea for free:  A standard sort of JRPG which, as a byproduct of how the world is constructed and the story unfolds, teaches critical thinking skills.  When you go into town and talk to all the villagers milling about, you don't get everyone saying the same thing, pointing you in the right direction.  You get people trying to convince you of different choices.  And the ones appealing to your emotion or intution, arguing that you should trust them because they are the mayor, or telling you not to believe the guy in the corner because he's a criminal, are, of course, trying to steer you wrong.  In order to actually determine the next move, it should be necessary for the player to evaluate the claims presented and figure out which ones are actual rational claims.  None of this should be overt.  It should not be a mechanic that prompts you to choose the rational choice.  If you figure it out, you go to the town to the north rather than to the south or east.  If you choose wrongly, the lesson is taught by failure, not by saying "You didn't choose the rational argument!"  Actually USE the game to teach, rather than trying to shoehorn teaching into a game.  Basically, make a game that irrational people will lose and which is only able to be won by actually developing rational thinking skills.  This not only teaches those skills, but gets them to actually use those skills to determine thei actions – exactly what they need to do in real life.

  21. What if in the future, kids are assigned to play video games as homework (like reading assignments) and they just use the equivalent of spark notes. Like "hey, did you play up to the second boss?" "Yeaahhh, right. I just looked it up."

  22. I think unity was in that list to show how to NOT make games

  23. Why do I get the feeling that they're just hoping with all their might, that more than 20 people click that annotation…..probably because they are….

  24. Might already be on the list, but consider To The Moon. Solid story and raises some interesting questions that can be used for ethics/morals. I'm still conflicted about whether they did right or wrong at the end. Consider capturing key moments, alternatively a complete long play video so that progress isn't slowed down by figuring out where to click next.

    Also be sure to supply your students with tissue paper, lots and lots of tissue paper.

  25. I'd like to submit that Shin Megami Tensei and Persona should be on this list as they deal with heavy psychology. Heck the Persona series is an allegory for growing up. Starting with the dreams/fantasy of children (Persona: Revelations), to becoming aware of the world around us and the consequences of our choices (Persona 2: Innocent Sin & Eternal Punishment), to overcoming the feeling of helplessness and lack of agency (Persona 3), To find yourself, your identity and sexuality (Persona 4),  to the chains of responsibility/expectation of our fellow humans.(Persona 5)

    I'd also like to submit Okami to this list, it teaches a type of spirituality, unknown in the west, a new way of looking at the world, plus a whole lot of Japanese mythology.

    Uplink, solely because of the morals and ethics views it can produce.

  26. When I saw EDU I thought this was some extra credits university for a second.

  27. The way he pronounced Husöy was more entertaining than it should've been

  28. So there's a guy who teaches kids about the true evil Gandhi is? Count me in!

  29. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is on this list… why?

  30. SPACECHEM! Its perfect for this!

  31. This makes me wish I could figure out effective mechanics for the game idea I've been tossing around for a couple years for gamifying getting some intuition about basic quantum physics.  I can get it where you put something together and interesting things happen that you can gain intuition for, but it's difficult to cast it as "with these components, try to make something that does X".  Without that, it's not so much a game as just a toy.  If anyone out there has any ideas/experience along those lines, please feel free to let me know.

  32. Really, you're going to put medieval engineers on here but not besiege. 

  33. Portal is a tool for education. Ok m9;pppppppppppppppppppppp

  34. This going to be pretty good in my class.
    I've already used Smash Bros. Melee and Mario kart during my class.

  35. Nice! Some DDRkirby music! I use it on my channel too! 😀

  36. Kerbal Space Program popped into my head as soon as I read the title. Of course I had to check the list and it's already there.

  37. You should include Crusader Kings 2 for learning about medieval Europe!

  38. can't help but notice that Assassin's creed unity is actually a recommended game

  39. I am little confused on why "assassin's creed Unity" is on the list since they aren't exactly historically accurate, since they manipulate history to fit their little altered world.

  40. you may have butchered those two names, but you just made a Norwegian's day 🙂

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