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WEIRD Leapster Educational Games! – ConnerTheWaffle

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sonic, tails, mac and bloo teach us about stuff

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  1. The leapster game is basically the first game where Sonic shows the current look of his teeth! Made more popular by Sonic Colours.

  2. Leapster 2 was actually my first "gaming console", so I enjoy it being talked about, even if in a very "negative" way.

  3. books are sometimes amazing – a poem from the book of funnies. dav pikley

  4. I played a spongebob racing game on that console

  5. I don't get it, why was sonic on the leapfrog pad?
    Sonic wasn't completely appropriate for children under 6

  6. there's gotta be a way to put emulators on it

  7. The Sonic one was actually really good.
    Also I like chocolate milk.

  8. no way i swear i played the ratatouille game on this thing

  9. instead of spanish, here in brazil dora teaches basic english

  10. This honestly makes me want to relive my childhood

  11. god i remember the leapster, that one cars game where you had to crash into the one car that had the right answer to the equation, and if you got it wrong too many times you have to go to luigi and guido’s place where they lecture you on the right answer.

  12. i did the phone number but did not get you so

  13. The weirdest leapster game is Bratz World… Trust me. I'm trying to play through all of the games in the Leapster library because why not? Have finished about half (35/70?). A lot of the games aged really rough, but the Bratz game, in specific, feels like a whole fever dream.

  14. I remember having a Leapster and a Penguins of Madagascar game.

  15. Ah, I loved the Leapster!

    It's was like children's training day, before the original DS!

  16. I remember playing with the Leapster when I was five years old. I used to play Bratz, Pet Pals, and Ni Hao Kai-Lan while my brother played Star Wars: The Clone Wars (I don't even want to know WHO the hell agreed to make an educational game out of this show), Spiderman, and Cars.

  17. lol i remember having the spongebob game! I loved it

  18. Well hotel Mario is kind of a leapster game

  19. I used to play with my Leapster all the time when I was little! So many good memories.

  20. I know that the PSP doesn't have a stylus but the Nintendo DS has a stylus

  21. There is a fosters home for imaginary friends, education game

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