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WEIRD EDUCATIONAL PC Games – ConnerTheWaffle

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mcdongal made me smart

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  1. What is that elf catching game ik that game just not the name i thought i made it up in my head

  2. Connor the waffle do a video on stick nodes

  3. Ok, I've waited 4 months to see if anybody would mention this in the comments. I still can't find a comment about it, so, Conner had already talked about Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld before on the channel. I believe it was in this video:

  4. wait ronald mcdonalds is austrailan?

    why isn't his name rakka makkas

  5. Does anyone remember the McDonald game for the Sega Genesis?

  6. sonic suod nevr be an educational game

    i am a sonic fan

  7. I actually still have my childhood copy of the Elmo in grouchland pc game

  8. I am a PBG fan. If I see Putt Putt, I MUST CLICK.

  9. When you see it…
    (Looks at typo in the description)

  10. Ronald MC donald: hello I am the world famous magical clown FEAR ME

  11. Why Did You Say You Never Heard Of
    Sonic The Hedgehog’s Gameworld When
    Your Reviewed The Game In Your
    Sonic’s Bad Educational Games Video?

  12. All Sesame Street games are educational except for once upon a monster

  13. 11:37 YA HEAR DAT SKOOL😎😜😎😎😜🔮📷🎊🎊🎐🎃🎥🎊😁😜😁😞😔😰😔😥😔🏩⛪🏩🏬🏩🏬🏩⛺🏩🗽😡😲👿😖😈😲😲😈😲👿😤😴😲😷🔤↙🔄↙🔄

  14. There was this game on the PC that scared me in the beginning of the game I don't remember the name of the game but all I can remember is that it had a blue shaded character for a bad guy I was like 5

  15. My IQ -99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  16. The educational computer games I played as a kid were not much better than an Atari 2600! 🤣 And most won't on computers that had colors! Only 80s black and green IBM's! Although the Oregon trail was awesome!

  17. 8:08 Conner: i haven't talked about sonic's gameworld.

    Me: yes you have. do you not remember the "forgotten sonic games" video you made a while back?

  18. I'm from the planet McMars too, perhaps you could visit me there.

  19. "There's this segment where you play Mad Libs"

    Correct answer: The worm is pink.

    My answer: The worm is gay

  20. Captain Magma VP, SBSP, MC, and Mario Fan says:

    Where's Baldi's Basics?

    It's the joke

  21. My friend: Do you like the MCU

    Me: Yeah

    Him: What’s your favorite movie?

    Me: There are no movies in the MCU

    Him: Wdym

    Me: McDonald’s Cinematic universe

  22. Is it just me or does Ronald in the first games sound like Numberblock 9?

  23. I almost started to belive that putt putt didn't exist

  24. Conner: the sega pico??
    FNF fans: yeah yeah go pico

  25. I remember having Elmo stuff I remember I picked one up off the curb it wouldn't stand it had a broken knee had to do some surgery and fix the leg now it stands up perfect I also owned a guitar Elmo I had limited edition laughing Elmo a plushie and many more


  27. YOU HAVE EVEN A FRICKING POSTER OF MY HERO ACADEMIA YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Putt Putt defined many people’s childhoods

  29. Connor: I am this close to going to burger king also Connor: one more game till I go to McDonald’s

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