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Weird Educational Games

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Alright madlads Its time to get Carl SMART! I’m sure its possible with all these intelligent educational games!

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Intro/outro Song ► Snail House – I Secretly Love You:


  1. His name changed in the sonic school house

  2. Every video i watch by you are so fuckin good and i dont even have to skim along the bar to the good parts cuz theyre all so good

  3. Imagine if some one watching was Carl or like his face 😐😑😑🤔

  4. Yeah Asma sucks I can barley run I can't run in winter because I can't breathe so I have to go somewhere warm

  5. You said "i love me some video games"
    I hear "I love me"

  6. de verdad no sabes español?
    Pensé que eras … El mejor youtuber del mundo! Estoy suscribiendo AHORA


  7. Wassup!! Btdubz it feels wierd that you don't talk bout ur brother alot, whatever just wanted to get that off my chest, good work!!

  8. I dont remember Dora sounding like a dying middle aged man

  9. Sonics school house looks like Baldis Basics

  10. Hmmm, that sonic game reminds me of something…
    ”I'm BaLDi, wElcOME To mY sCHooL hOuSe”

  11. dark bonnie 87 fan / duper kirby studios says:

    satanic rabbit kill willfur the pig

  12. That show that you don't know was Ni-Hao Kailan (-.-) It teaches childrens chinese,KShotTV (._.)

  13. I feel asmr like click SOSPECIAL
    (I have asthma)

  14. Wow this video has 666 likes and also nice vid

  15. I need a 3 minute compilation of just Carl screaming.

  16. 0:02
    "Kshot:It's a beautiful day outside.
    Birds are singing,
    Flowers are blooming…
    Dora:On days like these,kids like y-
    Kshot:I'm not a kid!


  18. Bronkie's problem: has asthma
    Solution: wear a gas mask
    Mr.Rexo:Not stonks.

    This has no historical value and it's

    P O I N T L E S S

  19. You and Adam sound rly similar. Especially when y'all are exasperated. It's so cute.

  20. This channel is one of the best I’m surprised he doesn’t have more subs

  21. Kshot I'm gonna kidnap carl by slim shady

  22. wait….sonics schoolhouse…..baldis basics

  23. Doras really gotten into harassing people sense that movie came out lol

  24. I found a new one on switch, its just enter the gungeon but with education

  25. I was hoping u would add a game that I played once. It was a MOBIGO game. It was like an Alien game. Also it was hecka inaccurate. It was made for like 5 year olds BUT THEY WERE ASKING QUESTIONS LIKE THIS:
    5 X 5
    25 X 25
    1 ÷ 5
    It was asking 6th grade math and they didn't even have the right answers. I knew what 5×5 was but they didn't have 25 as an answer, no no no. They had 42, 35, 67, 84. REALLY?! I hope u read this comment and see my pain. Also u sound like ur brother

  26. Sonics school house reminds me of baldi's basics

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