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Vlad and Niki Educational Games #vladandnikigame

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Vlad & Niki. Educational Games
About this game
Discover Vlad and Niki Educational Games and enjoy while learning with your favorite brothers!

These games help to develop children’s reasoning skills and improve their concentration. Challenging puzzles and memory games, … your kids will boost their intelligence while having fun!

Thanks to this game collection, children will learn to:

– Sort objects and shapes by shape, color or size.
– Associate shapes and silhouettes.
– Develop visual and spatial intelligence.
– Solve educational puzzles.
– Boost their imagination


Vlad and Nikita Educational Games provide many benefits for developing children’s abilities:

-Improve their capacity for observation, analysis, concentration and attention. Exercise their visual memory.
– Help to identify and establish relationships between shapes and silhouettes, improving spatial and visual perception.
-Exercise fine motor skills and coordination.

In addition, Vlad and Niki Educational Games offer positive reinforcement with cheerful animations when the child completes the puzzle correctly, helping them increase their self-esteem.

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