Viktor's Advanced Education - BALDI'S BASICS FAN GAME -

Viktor’s Advanced Education – BALDI’S BASICS FAN GAME

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Baldi’s Basics has done something I’ve only ever seen with FNAF… and that’s have FAN GAMES made of it! Check out Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski right now!
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  1. 2:58 may I just say… FOURST? Fourst example, yeah okay. Thanks teach.

  2. 16:07
    It's 9 + 9 + 1
    He forgot the negative-
    man this is just reminding me of all the times i've forgotten to pay attention to the signs

  3. Honestly the game looks ten times scarier than Baldi’s Basics with the animation and everything

  4. this scared the living frick out of me when i was watching this on the living room tv 11:53

  5. Even baldi couldn’t outplay this teacher

  6. I love how many scary paintings are on the wall and then there’s the one at 26:50.

  7. that freaking chef gets me every time, i’ve watched this video at least 6 times

  8. Whoever did the closed captions, I would like to personally thank them so much.

  9. Terrible rip-off, nice reference to Mr. Mix. I'm surprised that nobody points it out.

  10. can you play happy humbles burger farm? the full version of the game released a few days ago i think.

  11. "because knowledge is power…"


  12. The Chef is scarier than most AAA horror movies change my mind

  13. If you want to take a look into the weird, check out this game's wiki. Whoever writes seem a bit… obsessive. It creeped me out way more than the game did.

  14. The paintings in the hallways are scarier than the game

  15. 1st jumpscare. my head looked up. my mouth said O. my heart attacked itself. my brain got damaged.

  16. The jump scares are literal earrape and its annoying

  17. 16:06 Wat he failed to realize is the ( – ) in front of the 1 so 9 + 9 + -1 = 17

  18. Funfact that Markiplier says hello to everysingle board

  19. 11:55 what in the fresh hell is this dude saying like entirely. What is he sayign?

  20. that timing at 20:52, he just says "see you next time" and perfectly dies at the right time

  21. so no one is gonna talk abt the fact he said fluffy chocolate muffin?

  22. "Baldi's Basics has done something I've only ever seen with FNAF… and that's have FAN GAMES "

    Mark forgot SLender

  23. Me who is talking a shower while watching this lol

  24. i wish he finished the gameee

  25. I was eating while i was watching this and when the first jumpscare came i almost threw my rice

  26. This is the scariest minecraft modded roleplay ive ever watched

  27. 23 minutes in and hes trying to capitalize of the flaws of the school.

  28. I love how the chef sprite is actually Mr.Mix

  29. Victor Fnaf WorshiperYT (#TeamScott) says:

    My name is, Victor '-'…

  30. intro screen be like
    "game contents loud noises, fast frightening lights, violence, swearing, offensive language, weird speech, weird language, crooked photoshop ,
    high poly super mega hd graphics- "

    и это подтвердило мои догадки о портрете Якубовича

  32. This game is legitimately terrifying, deserved the attention that Baldi's Basics got so much more

  33. 3:30
    "You should not have done this.."
    Ben Drowned is that you-

  34. Fun fact, the chef is based off a creepypasta called Mr. Mix

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