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Video Games and Learning

Daniel Floyd
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Episode Three in my series of video “lectures,” made in association with Edge.

I’m pleased to introduce game designer James Portnow, cofounder of Divide By Zero Games. He and I will be partnering up to bring you these lectures from here on.

Loosely modeled after Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s Zero Punctuation reviews. For the first time, NOT made to be presented on screen in the classroom.

I can be reached at floydo_animation at yahoo dot com.
James can be reached at jportnow at gmail dot com.

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Penguin Cap

Walk on Water


  1. and that's how i like to learn, through entertainment 

  2. Final Fantasy 1 taught me to read. when i started (at the age of eight) i honestly couldn't care less about books and reading, but i wanted to know what was going on so i started learning so i could read the lines and the item text and such. at the age of 9 i was reading 600-800 page fantasy books written for teens without any problems.

  3. Arma 2… oh how you expanded my knowledge of military grade weapons and ammunition.

  4. Sooo.. is minecraft a educational game it has building 🙂 and mining 😀

  5. If you play some Crusader Kings 2, you'll want to learn all about the medieval ages. 

  6. c: the walking dead by telltale allowed players to learn about phylosophy and think about the root of ethical rules. Kinda crazy considering how extremely heavy that subject usually is if you present it in a class. Half of the people end up falling asleep… but presented in context, phylosophy makes sense and is proven to have practical uses.

    Zoo tycoon also is extremely educational… I ended up reading all the animal sheets of animals I didn't know about in that game. 😀 even if you dont read it, you still have to create enclosures that copies the animal's environement, learning about plant species on the way. o_o I think its one of those games that are stuck between simulation and ''designed for fun'' cause there are still a few ''unrealistic things in the game'' like dinosaurs and unicorns

  7. Another great episode from the team, erm but how do you spell Sephiroth Sepiroth, Shepiroth, Sheperoth, hmmmm

  8. For me, video games have extended my vocabulary, which is something I'm THANKFUL for. Every since i was young, Zelda has always been throwing random words at mah (yeah, that's right, MAH) face, constantly having me to ask either an adult, or nowadays,a dictionary to find out what each word meant.
    Another game from today is Fire Emblem: Awakening. Not only vocabulary (btw, THANK YOU for having someone like Miriel) bit just the different classes, and a little something about chess, are two things that game had helped me with.

    … You want another example… Okay. Okami. Even a single tree, or feeding the animals can teach you just about anything of everything about Japanese culture, from folklore to their traditions in general.

  9. tangential learning – perfectly seen in dark souls. you want to know ANYTHING about the storyline of the games that fucks you over for the last 2 months? work on it, and discover the secrets on your own. it's a game that can stand on its own without the storyline, but if you're interested, you will find a world you would never believed

  10. Parasite Eve was pretty educational, it taught me things about mitochondria and human DNA that I didn't know… It even made the news, there was a story about a kid who got an A in biology for a paper he wrote about mitochondria, and the teacher asked him what he studied to learn all that, and he said 'Parasite Eve'.

    Persona/SMT games do this pretty well too, with a neat database in pretty much every game of all the various real-world mythical figures and creatures people can get as companions, powers, or personae (and they are ALL real-world mythological references.. Even though they often stylize how they look, there are even hints and obscure references in their stylizations, one of the things I really enjoy about all those games, since I like learning mythology)

  11. I actually never fully understood morals as a kid until I played games like Knights of the old republic or Mass effect. Like sure, you're taught morals in school. Killing is bad, stealing is bad, cheating is bad, sharing is good, being a good follower is good. But what did that all truly mean as a kid? You don't actually know it, you don't make the choice, you just have teachers telling you what is right from wrong without knowing what it is.

  12. I actually learned about an important time in Japanese history from playing Kessen on PS 2. My favorite samurai was Date Masamune. I know it was a historical game, but it was freakin fun! Kessen is of the best launch titles for a system ever!

  13. Your videos and your very own way to think and speek about video games are just amazing, keep up the good work! <3

  14. greetings there!  I absolutely love this video and would like to use it for classes that I teach…however, is there any chance that you can add the appropriate closed captioning to the video?  It has automatic closed captioning but unfortunately there are a lot of mistakes to that.  You can easily fix the closed captioning under "Subtitles and CC" tab when you go to edit the video.  

  15. My wife is patient with me too, she also doesn't exist! 🙂

  16. This reminds me of Crusader Kings II, which is essentially a Medieval politics simulator. CKII is very historically accurate (or at least it is to begin with before you start mucking about with it), and it does include links to a historical character's Wikipedia page, as long as the character has one.

  17. starts watching video holy heck the extra credits script was taken right out of this!

  18. I learnt English with videogames!

  19. just watched the video and thaught about Crusader Kings 2. I learned so much about medieval inheritance laws playing this game… and it has implemented Wikipedia Links ;D

  20. I reaserched a lot about the crusades because of Assassins Creed. Also I leared a little bit of the reanasance area Also because of Assasns Creed ( The Ezio Trilogy )

  21. The mere thought of watching a teacher feel threatened by a videogame is hilarious, specially to college "teachers".
    "Want me to give you my attention? Surpass the thrill videogames provide me"

  22. flyers aka plane sims are the best bridge(kind off)

  23. The 7 minuted and twenty seconds that change the course of humanity, this video inspired Mathew Patrick to make Game Theory

  24. Avatar is how I learned about Chakras! Tangential learning is fantastic.

  25. I'm trying to find one of your videos where you talk about skills learned in different games. You also commented on the importance of teachers of making connections from the skills learned in games to real life.  Cannot find it. Help anyone?

  26. I learned my first English words and phrases from Sid Meyer's Original Civ. Fun.

  27. This is neat a channel before the extra credits channel and it shows the early ec team before the ec channel

  28. aye!!☺✌.(trademarked)

  29. I like to call this the debut of James (the important one).

  30. Metroid Prime is the perfect template for your Index example
    I learned a shit ton about high-school level science…in 5th grade!!! Due to a VIDEO GAME.

  31. Awesome video bro! I am trying to learn how to make cool videos like this. Woudl luv any suggestions you have 👍👍👍

  32. Awesome video bro! I am trying to learn how to make cool videos like this. Woudl luv any suggestions you have 👍👍👍

  33. I learned so many fancy words as a kid because I read the titles of Super Monkey Ball 2 levels, and wanted to figure out why they were called that (e.g. totalitarianism, guillotine, post-modern, heirarchy).

  34. His voice is so weird in these videos that I would argue is the earliest Extra Credits video.

  35. Like csgo teaches people about counterterrorism

  36. I did it. I dug deep enough to hear Daniel swear in a video.

  37. Your 12 year old games are just as captivating as they were at EC. Incredible.

  38. It took me some time to understand it is a joke 🤣😂😛.

  39. I've always liked this version better than the one in the Extra Credits channel.

  40. The episode that would jump start game theory

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