Twitty - All-in-1 fun learning games pack for preschoolers -

Twitty – All-in-1 fun learning games pack for preschoolers

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Twitty is a pack of EIGHTEEN + different preschool games for toddlers which include fun and educational activities to learn alphabets, shapes, numbers, letters, colors, crafting, reasoning and many more for kids.

Learning games for kids will help them to develop basic skills like hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and visual perception. These educational games will suit both boys and girls and can be a part of kindergarten & preschool education for kids.

This is a great way for you to have some fun learning time with your child. Watch your toddler to complete these fun games while learning at the same time. It is filled with cute, colorful graphics and funny cartoon characters which encourage your kid to learn more.

List of Kids Learning Games
#Coloring – Coloring fun for kids
#Shapes – learning shapes such as a square, rectangle, triangle and more
#ABC – learn alphabets and pronunciation
#Count Me – Make kids to learn numbers
#Count ‘em – Improves kids counting skills
#My Body – Learn all the parts of the body
#Crafting – For kids innovative and imagination skills
#Trace it – Learn to write alphabets
#Pairing – Matching games for kids
#Jigsaw – Puzzles to learn animals and birds
#Spot All – Spot all the differences between two images
#Odd 1 Out – Find odd one in a group and cross it out.
#Follow Me – Memory game for kids
#Dot to Dot – Hand-eye coordination
#Peek a Boo – Attention game for kids
#Just Sort – Find the difference between two characters
#Mole Hunt – Improves the kid’s reaction time
#Pony Dash – Improve decision making skills

* Pack of 20 kids’ learning games
* Enticing Graphics and amazing colors
* Frequent repetition to help children learn
* Memory improvement
* Sounds of letters
* Preschool counting games
* Jigsaw puzzles free
* Shapes and colors for toddlers
* Crafting and building
* Improve pronunciation
* Logic for kids
* Coloring for toddlers free
* Sorting animals game
* Alphabets for kids
* Learning games for kids for free
* Brain quest for kids for free
* Learn vegetables and fruits for kids
* Learning human body parts for kids
* Kindergarten games free for 5-year-old
* Toddlers games for 2-year-old
* Children educational apps for free
* Preschool games for little kids
* Children interactive games
* Educational games for kids kindergarten

Kids educational games improve the observation of the brain, cognitive ability, concentration, memory, creativity, and imagination. You will be amazed to see how quickly your toddler learns different things.

So, download this kids learning app for now and discover all kids educational games for preschoolers that will keep your kids happy and active.

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