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Top Ten Educational Games

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Learning is fun, right? RIGHT?!




FOB Equestria



  1. I remember jumpstart 1st grade and in that you had to help someone’s brother to beat a bully in a race….. ya that sounds weird now that I am thinking that.

  2. Thank you for putting clue finders and Humungeous Entertainment on the list!🤩

  3. Who else liked the Were on earth is Carmen Sandiago show? Just me? Okay . . .

  4. Does anyone remember the game it’s the troll where you could grow flowers and go to the ice caves

  5. I remember the magic school bus but I'd rather watch something else I am sick of learning because school sucks so bad.

  6. Thank you for having Clue Finders on the list! I forgot what the name was to this game series and I appreciate you reminding me!

  7. Jump start 3rd grade is the best educational game of all time in terms of story. Prove me wrong. That game is my childhood.

  8. Fun fact, Carmen Sandiego actually has a cameo appearance in one of the top 3 placements. Not saying which one tho 😛

  9. Also, where do I find that awesome humongous super hero picture?!

  10. the Puzzle Room theme from Kirby Planet Robobot still triggers my fight-or-flight instinct

  11. Anyone else seen the Netflix Carmen Sandiego show?

  12. I grew up on Cluefinders. Loved them. They gave me my sense of adventure before my more mature or silly games.

  13. My siblings played Clue finders. I was in my 20s when I heard of this series

  14. Number Muncher scared the HELL out of me as a kid! Those monsters that would frickin EAT YOU and had just the worst sound effect…ugh!

    Also, Oregon Trail taught me a lot, but geography wasn't one of them. The game doesn't end when you reach Oregon and I didn't know that until MOVING TO OREGON. By the time you reach the end of the game, you've been in Oregon for a few hundred miles!

  15. Actually, In Jumpstart 3rd Grade, Polly’s father created the robots and Time Machine. She just used them for her own plans

  16. wait… Where is Zoombinis? WHERE THE HECK IS ZOOMBINIS!!

  17. I remember a 3D JumpStart game that I played the Wrap Assassin out of when I was young. Can't remember the name; I think it was JumpStart School 2nd Grade, I wanna say?

  18. 8:54 it's simple josh everything dangerous wants nothing to do with you heck the most dangerous time for me is in spring when the magpies start swooping

  19. Dude, it's so awesome that you played the Humongous games too :). Did you know that many of them are available on Steam?

  20. Thinking The Learning Company version of Oregon Trail was far less brutal. Also, Blaster Pals theme song was a serious head banger when I was younger. Played two of the Cluefinders games and beat at least of them.

  21. My favorite edutainment games are cluefinders and Carmen Sandiego Word Detective. Please review that Josh.

  22. I prefer the classic theme song,

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego!

  23. Ik this is off topic from any of these games, but i really need to remember the name of an educational game. I think your character was a dino and you could choose your color: blue,green,pink. It was a puzzle/parkour game and i believe one of the stages you had to arrange books on bookshelves by some kind of order. I couldn't beat that level how hard I tried. Does anyone know what game I am talking about?If so, please reply to this comment with the title. I would really appreciate it.

  24. Halfway through this, I thought "If Cluefinders isn't Number 1, I'm leaving a dislike." Congratulations, you've earned a like.

  25. 0:48 The jumpstart series is my flipping childhood! My personal favorites have to be the kindergarten one or the world one. 1st and 2nd grade were super fun too though.

    Everytime I see an ABC Mouse or Adventure Academy commercial I think about the Jumpstart franchise.

  26. The Oregon Trail.

    Me: The Learning Company version is better

  27. Cluefinders

    Me: You missed the one where some planetoid sends them to stop an evil alien witch.

  28. Actually, in Jumpstart 3rd Grade the villain answered her test wrong as a joke. She got mad because her teacher gave her an F instead of laughing.

  29. Half of those franchises were a big part of my childhood.
    Also, does anyone remember Davidson's Learning Voyage, with the sand worms?

  30. I remember this educational game about dinosaurs I played when I was much younger; around 2 or 3. I loved the s*** out of it. You had to play this game, helping what looked like some Parasauralophus to get dinosaur eggs and crystals to hatch those eggs. All while escaping a large T-Rex. I couldn't remember this one, until I looked it up; Dinosaur Adventure 3-D. Then I learned this game is six years older than me. Jesus.

  31. Idk if it was just me but for the Magic School Bus game when going through the parts of the body and moving to the nose, I distinctly remember Mrs. Frizzle making a pun by saying “who ‘nose’ where we are?” It was a lot funnier when I was a kid 😂

  32. Please please please
    I need to know the game at 0:46
    If anyone can help I'd be so grateful 🙏

  33. Anyone remember an old game on middle school PCs where you had to choose a job and activities based on your salary ( I think it had something to do with time and money management) and when you would hit certain milestones throughout your life (like having a baby) it would be commemorated in a scrap book that you could flip through? I think I remember it being called something super generic like “my life diary” or “my life” or “life portfolio” or something along those lines. I’ve been looking for this game for a solid 6 years and have had zero luck. Any guesses or games you remember playing in middle school are much appreciated! Thanks!

  34. Do you guys remember ocean explorers? I used to have that before I sold it in a yard sale at camp.

  35. I've literally only played Oregon Trail, and only heard of Carmen Sandiego and The Magic School Bus (didn't know the school bus had a game though)

  36. Does anyone remember one with a baseball theme and a kid meets Greek gods who teach him facts. I only remember athena had a book for a hat and poseidon had a floaty and a snorkel


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