Top 5 Educational Games for KIDS -

Top 5 Educational Games for KIDS

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Educational toys for kids are tools that allow children to learn and develop their mental skills while having fun. When it comes to choosing the best educational toys for your children, intelligence blogs usually suggest games and activities like chess, checkers, a Rubik’s cube, and jigsaw puzzles. Apart from these well-known educational games, there are many new learning games designed to stimulate a child’s mental development.

Enhancing the awareness of the importance of educational toys, learning about the different kinds of learning games has gained significant importance across the parent community. However, it can be challenging to find the right alternative for children from thousands of toys. So, we have chosen best educational toys for you!

The Importance Of Educational Games

Educational games and intelligence games have a vital effect on all areas of a child’s development. Research has proven that healthy growth and cognitive development is accelerated through play. According to Brainy Child, each learning game or toy has a different effect on a kid’s development.

UNICEF is also against play as merely a downtime activity or leisure activity. In their Games and Technology report, they define playtime as an important learning experience.

The report also clarifies that apart from being a form of relaxation, play can also be seen as a means of working off aggression, learning basic skills of survival, and learning social behaviour, especially competitive and cooperative games.

Most Preferred Learning Toys

Global Educational Toys Market 2017-2021 divides the toys market into three major categories: academic, cognitive thinking, and motor skills. However, it is possible to create a subcategory when talking about education and brain activities.

Here, it would be beneficial to have a look at our blogpost on Garner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory to update your knowledge about the types of brain function and intelligence so that you can have a deeper understanding and capability to select the best educational toys for your kids.

What is in MentalUP?

🧠Attention Development Exercises / Games
🐘 Memory Improvement Exercises / Games
🎏 Visual Intelligence Exercises / Games
📖 Verbal Intelligence Exercises / Games
🔢 Math Exercises / Games
💬 Logic Development Exercises / Games

MentalUP is suitable for all children. It is also quite popular among parents who would like to support their mental health 😊 Follow us on social media for more information about development of children’s attention, memory, problem solving and visual & verbal skills.


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