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Top 10 Video Games Schools Should Let You Play
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Top 10 Video Games They Should Let You Play In School


Don’t you hate putting off video games until you’re finished your homework? Well, what if your homework was playing video games? For this Top 10, we’re looking at games that aren’t typically considered “educational” but are well-made games that, either through innovative gameplay or interesting narratives, have something that everyone can learn from. These are games that belong in the classroom just as much as any classic novel or film. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games They Should Let You Play In School.

00:37 #10: “The Witness” (2016)
01:18 #9: “Spore” (2008)
02:02 #8: “Never Alone” (2014)
02:50 #7: “SimCity” series (1989-)
03:30 #6: “Papers, Please” (2013)
04:08 #5: “That Dragon, Cancer” (2016)
04:54 #4: “The Stanley Parable” (2011)
05:41 #3 #2 #1: ???

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  1. Portal 1 and 2, This war of mine, Eco: Global Survival, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron

  2. What about: This war of mine, Democracy 3, Portal (1 or 2), Europa universalis,?

  3. Well,guess what?

    They won't do it.


  4. Lol my teacher let me play Hotline Miami, cause it was on my flash drive

  5. MegaMan,Sonic,Super Mario bros,PAC man and adventure pony

  6. I would only play Valiant Hearts,Minecraft,and Papers,please

  7. Do you even Never Alone, Watchmojo? The game plays nothing like Mario.

  8. My school let me play valiant hearts at school

  9. What about csgo and dota … they learn Russian vary well

  10. Valiant heart is actualy not good.germany is not that evil in ww1,and all factions use gas a lot,but not only germany

  11. Horrible list. The only good game for school in here that offers learning opportunities and that are not full of war propaganda is The Witness. Spore offers nothing, evolution is something every kid knows. The rest are ether "fun/emotion" experiences or just propaganda material that could affect children. If you really have to include games, there are great language learning ones that gives nice gameplay and animations while helping children to learn different languages. It's how I learned Hungarian and Czech language as a kid. Besides that, name 3 kids you personally know that does not know about minecraft and have never touched that game. Not all emotional/fun games are suitable for schools learning environment.

  12. NO not Spore, they gutted that game taking out the aquatic level so just go from single cell to two legged organism, thats not how that works!

  13. You forgot the best game ever


  14. My bio teacher did recommend us to play spore.

  15. Top ten Five Nights At Freddy’s animatronics

  16. My school does let me play Minecraft

  17. I played valiant hearts it has a sad ending


  19. where are kerbal space program and the uncharted waters series on this list?
    uncharted waters online should be number 1 here, it teaches you about history, geography, economics and a whole lot more

  20. a good website that doesn’t get blocked is , it lets you play pokemon games (like pokemon crystal/silver/red) and lets you save it.

  21. I love the game that dragon cancer it is a beautiful game and a heart wrenching game

  22. The only reason I love this list is because of That Dragon,Cancer.Just hearing the sound of the little one makes me think of a lovely dream forest where you could have picnics for all eternity with family!😍

  23. Ah, the times when being first in Kahoot meant that you were the smartest kid in class XD

  24. I see video games as classwork not homework. This technology is expensive for the low class.

  25. The game That Dragon,Cancer is sad enough on it's own,but it gets depressing when you realize the creators based the game on real life experiences of losing their child to cancer.Yep,it's that cruelly realistic!

  26. The schools in the us aren't gonna add smart games that you can learn and grow from. They are trying to make you dumber so you're easier to control. They've been banning books from the schools that touch on important topics that need to be talked and thought about because of being"uncomfortable". They even banned the book that talks about the dangers of banning, burning, and destroying books!

  27. Never Alone is a very well balanced and fun problem-solving platformer.

  28. I want to play far cry on school
    It is a game with no violence

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