Top 10 Simulation Games to Learn REAL WORLD SKILLS -

Top 10 Simulation Games to Learn REAL WORLD SKILLS

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Some simulations games can offer some real world knowledge and skills alongside fun. Here are some of our favorite examples for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
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  1. Call of the Wild is alot of fun and very rewarding. This from someone who NEVER hunted.

  2. Umm I'm shocked to see Finland's pride and gem My Summer Car missing from this list. Unsubbed

  3. I am so glad I found out about mechanic simulator this looks sick haha

  4. People called Snow Runner boring probably because they’re not high enough. I always look up for this game’s gameplay whenever im stoned, its so relaxing.

  5. I drive a truck in real life, and ATS helped me learn how to back a trailer. Took a bit still, but I was able to practice using the game.

  6. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Won't teach you anything. Try REAL flight simulators like X-Plane-11, FSX, P3D or DCS and not games about flying like MFS2020.

  7. Beamng drive is the most realstic driving game I ever played I played lots of driving games asseto corsa nfs most wanted most wanted 2 wrc forza horzion 3 but I find beamng most realstic

  8. Hunting Simulator sounds great!

    I live in the UK and I'm like.. what's a gun? 🤔

  9. Truck driving simulator cool. Has bad day work crashes virtual truck of nuclear waste into the spot where my work is at 75mph

  10. Thief Simulator. Someone's looked to pirate it.

  11. mom: what does there stupid games teach you


  12. Sucks ta not here a fishin sim didn’t make it, was in the market for 1😔

  13. Years ago used to only play racing games, ended up with shooter some how years ago and have improved and love it.

  14. Universe sandbox could be a bonus here, you don't learn skills but you learn about the universe

  15. Papa Louie, a cooking in a restaurant simulator!

  16. i would like a game about hunting criminals, didn't pay that parking ticket? boom.

  17. Asetto corsa with steering wheel and pedals…..

  18. I was very surprised by this. I may have misjudged these experiences. Games have taught me many things over the years. 🤔Maybe I'll learn something new

  19. What about Doom? It is one hell of a demon slaying sim!

  20. Nice that the number 1 is being showcased at 11:11 of the video ^^ Good video ! PS: Love FS2020 !

  21. Started with Euro truck simulator, enjoyed it so much that became a real life trucker.

  22. I'm surprised you didn't talk about sail simulators. Well, sail simulators ❤️

  23. I just hope that The Hunter doesn't motivate more people to go killing real animals… Hunting IRL is for moral freaks (if you don't REALLY need it for surviving).

  24. DCS world makes Microsoft flight sim look absolutely basic!

  25. Truck simulator is actually harder than driving a real life truck… I can parallel park a 53 foot trailer irl, but it'll take me an hour in game

  26. Making me wanna go play some simulation games

  27. isnt football manager basically just fifa 21 manager career mode

  28. Stick RPG 2!! Just a simple life simulator, addicting as hell.

  29. dcs is not fairly realistic.. it is twice as realistic as Microsoft flight simulator!

  30. Love the Hunter: COTW, Euro truck simulator and MSFS 2020.

  31. The Long Dark, Green Hell, The Forest, and Hobo: Tough Life are hands down the all-time best survival games. If you enjoy survival games and good storylines you MUST play these!

  32. Tried snowrunner last night … uninstalled it 1hr later!

  33. GTA 5 is my favorite game to learn. It showed me how to blow up stuff

  34. Why is not a single comment talking about ETS 2/ATS ? Cmon I at least expect one but there is not a single mention of them In the comment section.

  35. Dude says, "and it shows how time consuming hunting can really be, you arent just running around the woods shooting at things, it can take hours…" LMFAO try days, weeks a lot of the time… can tell dude doesnt know much about it himself but he still tried making it sound like he did with those big whopping HOURS that it takes him to hunt in real life…. love it when people do that, but I digress I forget this is Gameranx we are talking about here… If you really listen this is the case I'd say at LEAST 35% of the time which is just awful….

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