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Top 10 Educational Video Games
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You suckers! Didn’t you realize that the whole time you thought you were playing a cool new video game, you were actually LEARNING? Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Educational Video Games. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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  1. What is the name of the underwater scuba diving treasure hunting game?

  2. With the exception of typing of the Dead and Oregon Trail all these games freaking suck

  3. Does anyone remember the online game where there were these three kids and each one had there own section of games and one of the kids was blond and had a orange shirt and he was related to the math section. One of the games was a correct change counter where you would count out change in this blue supermarket.

  4. I grew up playing maths dodger in the early 2000's lol

  5. Where's Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning?

  6. i remember math blasters and i think the quality got better for the next generation

  7. Teen Digital Diva (Activision) is one of the most successful educational video games despite having a ESRB rating of T for Teen

  8. 8:28 Here lies Andy

    Press SPACE BAR to continue? How about “Press F to pay respects”?

  9. Muppetville? Mario's early years? At least you mentioned Oregon Trail and Number Munchers.

  10. does anyone else remember a circus themed game from the early 2000s? all I remember is the graphics were really bad

  11. What about leisure suit Larry as a sex ed game?

  12. Number 1 should have been All those Rayman Education games

  13. Wow I’m rlly liking the machine one so cool and fun
    It’s call awesome machine

  14. Clearly WatchMojo didn't play any educational games cause most of these werent the best ones.

  15. Omg!!!! I remember that "incredible machines" game!!!!! I could not remember that game my brothers and i played on our mom's pc!!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!

  16. Brain Age , Typing Of The Dead , The Oregon Trail , Number Munchers , The Incredible Machines , Mario Is Missing , and Math Blaster Were The Best Ones

  17. Typing of the Dead is a game that I will probably like, cuz I like typing!

  18. I played a game that taught u about counting money and music and they would switch game types. Anyone remember? Maybe it it was dr brain but not sure

  19. Where are Uncharted and God of War? I learned so much about pirates and the greek pantheon

  20. Putt-putt, Pajama Sam, Nightmare Ned, Treasure Mountain, The Hotdog Stand, Freddy Fish…oh and The Amazon Trail!

  21. Can you guys make another list of edutainment games?

  22. does anyone know this really old kids PC maths game having to do with ghosts and a haunted mansion? it reminded me of Casper. whenever I would start it up, it had "scary" music with red or blood something like that. this was back in the early 2000s and everyone I've asked knows what I'm talking about but can't figure out the name. please help me find it!

  23. What was that lost mac game about the wizard, the kingdom, the princess and the dragon eggs?

  24. Anyone else remember the math game with a traveling music band as the story line?

  25. There was a game I used to play in computer lab in maybe 3rd grade, it was a variety of mini games sort of, the main theme were these different size/shape/colored possibly clay/slime blobs.. I can't remember the games but I can remember there was one where you'd mix the colors of the blobs to make new colors, I believe there was a cooking game, and one where you had to put stuff like legs and eyes on the blobs possibly in a pet shop game…
    Anyone know what I'm talking about?

  26. that's really sad these are the best games have to offer. Educational Minecraft mods are a godsend in this context

  27. Yeah at least Mario is Missing has some love. But where is Mario Paint???

  28. Yoooo we had Reader Rabbit. I remember that lion and the mouse and of course the Rabbit himself. That was a huge breath of nostalgia

  29. Does anybody remember that one game for elementary kids used to play on when they had to the computer lab? It has some characters were there was a spikey haired blond guy, a two tall guys but one of them were black and smart, and there was this one blonde girl who wore pink and had pigtails. I remember playing it back when I was in elementary school and it had math and I think english lessons on there too. I forgot what it was called, but if anybody knows what I'm talking about and/or had played that game before, please let me know! I'm currently on a search for it

  30. 5:48
    I'm pretty sure Brain Age has been around 2006 at the earliest not 2009

  31. Anybody recall an educational computer game with frogs with bluegrass music?

  32. 6:41 that is actually in Legazpi in the Southern Philippines and not Manila

  33. How dare you put ACME on the fender of Oregon. The Chief shall demote you and what of The Clue-Finders. Pillars of sleuthing!

  34. What about Super Solvers and Clue Finders?


  36. Anyone remember the game that had like a bird or something that you play a malacca it was wood board with marbles that you would move to the end to try get the most on you’re side but instead of marbles it was her eggs

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