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TOP 10 Educational Games / For Intermediate Students / TEACHING using GAMES

Legendary Tactics
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Teaching is a tough job…whether you do it for a living, or if you are schooling kids from home by choice or due to pandemic lockdowns. Games can add variety to the learning experience, and can be a great, hands-on way to help children develop new skills and learn some things along the way. Here we look at our top 10 educational boardgames for intermediate students, and how you can get some teaching done using games!

0:32 Our #10
1:29 Our # 9
2:36 Our # 8
3:27 Our # 7
4:13 Our # 6
5:01 Our # 5
5:51 Our # 4
6:26 Our # 3
8:08 Our # 2
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  1. I love these games and your enthusiasm for them is brilliant! I think these are excellent choices of games that would educate. I have been a teacher in the UK for 15 years. Every school is different but the ones I worked in were extremely frenetic environments and so I was limited to choosing very, very specific games! The crucial thing was that the game could be taught by children to other children, otherwise it was overwhelming. It would be such a privilege to introduce young people to the game on your list though. May I cheekily mention my video school game list? ;P

  2. I have five of the games. Looking forward to playing them with my granddaughter. Thanks for the video

  3. Thanks Legendary. I'm all for games which help bring families together. That is one thing about tabletop games, they will bring value to a family gathering. I have so many great memories playing games with my brother, and sisters. I simply adore tabletop games. I'm also thankful to the dev who created Tabletop Simulator so many family members can get together again, and have some fun.

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