The World of Educational Consoles -

The World of Educational Consoles

Peter Knetter
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also probly part 1 because there are lots of systems in this world.


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  1. "Maybe our friends in this forest know where to get the magic potion, right?"

    y e s

  2. The 3rd item you look like that's the one I had

  3. Me when I drink a Red Bull 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧。⚜🇲🇾⭐

  5. 19:36 I had that exact leap frog console growing up, damn I loved and will forever miss that thing

  6. Bro you just Awakening old childhood memory, had the Vsmile with the Ratatouille game. along with a plug-in play Clone Wars blaster

  7. Opposite of Nostalgia, New experience

  8. Bro if the rocket twist can emulate Nintendo games I would cry tears of joy

  9. thumbnail be looking like you gotta control it with your foot

  10. V-Tech is the one who created V-Sauce, huh? I wonder what V-Sauce tastes like?

  11. LeapLand Adventure could actually be a robust-generic platformer if someone modded it to remove all the cutscenes, or make them skippable.

  12. Why does the opening sketch unironically play out like a segment from Bo Burnham's INSIDE

  13. I had one of those consoles but It was at my grandma's and my grandma neglected me

  14. 17:09 bro said sega didn’t know how to make a chao garden even though that’s not true besides to birthday meter 💀

    I know it’s a joke.

  15. My sister used to have v smile when she was a child. I wasn’t even born yet.

  16. that rotating controller is actually insane! what a good idea! it would be cool if there were controllers out there that let you swap the face buttons and the dpad for those lefties.

  17. I remember having a V. Smile motion when I was very young, pure nostalgia

  18. Bro, instant nostalgia! Had a Vtech from like 2009 or something

  19. Had that and the bike. I remember using the controller for a backyardigans game and the bike for a Dora and SpongeBob game. Nostalgia all the way.

  20. Now I am thankful my first console was an old Wii

  21. my v smile just crashed when i tried to open it..

  22. i had 2 vtech cameras, and i LOVED them

  23. I'm an adult and love my Rockit Twist… The Animals Animal and Dinosaur expansion packs are AMAZING! 10/10 would recommend

  24. i LITERALLY owned this mess of a console, i kinda had SOME fun, but even at the time, i knew my brain was not so slowly turning to mush, i had to correct myself, because i’m an idiot, yay :]

  25. Peter: Video game console developers think about how to make the controllers the most comfortable.
    Me: What was Nintendo thinking when they made the N64 controller.

  26. 16:28 Man these speakers they're about as good as the HuhDuh 6 Hungoes by old mate Senie


  28. Honestly even though I'm an adult, I'd probably actually buy that Rock It Twist one. I know kid me would have LOVED it and probably would have taken it almost everywhere with me lmfao

  29. You imagine if you have the birthday metter like the pets

  30. Impacted away but you can't skip any of the cutscenes in the LeapFrog Leap land console that plays only planned game

  31. nahh no way my younger cousin has a V smile thats crazy

  32. The thumbnail hit me so hard with nostolga i just had to click it

  33. Егор Червенный (виндахак) says:

    00:00 If you belive what games are bad what do you do at E3? 00:19 WHAT? BURNING CEREMONY???? WHY-YOU-AT-E3????????????????????????????

  34. The fact that he found genuine enjoyment with the freakin Twist console made me smile

  35. I took a look at the thumbnail, and remembered I had that exact colour in the console. I had a Winnie The Pooh game for it and played it for a while. I'm quite surprised the console flopped, maybe nobody wanted it..

  36. the P-tech microbrain joke actually made me laugh.

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