The Effective Use of Game-Based Learning in Education | Andre Thomas | TEDxTAMU -

The Effective Use of Game-Based Learning in Education | Andre Thomas | TEDxTAMU

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André Thomas designs and researches the creation of games for higher education, targeting difficult subjects such as Calculus to help students succeed. His approach helps increase success rates by 20% and more. He will share his approach and findings in this talk while providing an overview of the effectiveness of Game-Based learning.
André Thomas’ passion for game-based learning resonates inside and outside of the classroom. He founded and serves as the director of the LIVE Lab in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University, where he also teaches game design, game development and interactive graphics techniques. In 2014, he founded Triseum, where he serves as CEO and leads the creation of its award winning academic video games. He is an EdTech Leadership award winner, National Academy of Sciences board member, National Arts Education Association lead instructor, and Chillennium Game Jam chair. André also has been invited to speak at numerous education and technology events both in the U.S. and abroad, including SXSW, TEDx, ASU-GSV, BETT and European Schoolnet. His game-based learning insights and ideas are featured in the Huffington Post, Austin Business Journal, eCampus News and Learning Solutions Magazine, to name a few.

With more than 20 years in CGI production, André has worked around the world on legendary video games, live action feature films and memorable commercials. Previously he was Head of Graphics for EA Sports Football games (including NCAA, Head Coach, NFL Tour and Madden, the longest running and most successful sports franchise in games industry). He also created graphics for such notable films as Men in Black, Con Air, Independence Day, Valiant, Ant Bully and Tomorrow Never Dies. Follow André on twitter at @athomas_tr. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. Great video, we're also super passionate about game based learning in education! Thanks for the video!

  2. I love the use of the pokemon type chart, cause I was able to tell before he even said it what it was and where he was going with it.

  3. Awesome talk. I do hate the term 'Serious games' though. We should rebrand that.

  4. what's a good quote to this video that captures the main idea perfectly

  5. I can remember every game moments…every movie moments…But i am very remembering what i read on books…

  6. Andre Thomas设计并研究了高等教育的游戏创作,针对微积分等困难科目,帮助学生取得成功。他的方法有助于提高20%以上的成功率。他将在本次讲座中分享他的方法和研究结果,同时概述基于游戏的学习的有效性。

    Andre Thomas对游戏化学习的热情在课堂内外引起了共鸣。他在德克萨斯A&M大学可视化系(Department of Visualization)创办了LIVE Lab并担任主任,同时还教授游戏设计、游戏开发和互动图形技术。2014年,他创立了Triseum,并担任首席执行官,领导其获奖学术视频游戏的创作。他是EdTech Leadership award得主,国家科学院董事会成员,国家艺术教育协会首席讲师,以及Chillennium Game Jam主席。


  7. This is very cool! Thank you for sharing. :')

  8. sadly we need these on console instead of the current games we have now like Grand theft Auto V and call of duty which glamorizes violence and the current powers that be won't let this become a reality society is shaped around video games and violence is being taught

  9. best wishes from TEACHING THROUGH GAMES FOUNDATION.. founder shanker pai

  10. Good sales pitch but no mention of the potential negative effects of GBL. Seems promising though

  11. Hook them to the matrix, keep them entertained, trick them into learning; so the rest of us can go off to work while the kids are quarantined and pacified until their old enough to join us.

  12. you guys should try my game: @t
    you can find videos in my channel. It has an English version. Thank you! I hope it can help people!

  13. This is fantastic stuff, can't wait to see how far GBL goes especially with VR growing as it is. Does anyone know if there is a reference for the study that showed 20% improvement? (Doing a thesis on GBL in education)

  14. How could one get into this e-learning /game-based learning field with a background in UX design? What companies would be open to hiring someone with this background?

  15. Chart
    Game based learning
    Space program

    See Europe in a speed train
    Brings calculus to life
    Failing is fun

  16. Awesome talk. Kerbal Space Program is a great example of a game made for entertainment which makes the player learn about rocket science. Imagine serious games made especially with the intent of being the perfect complement of teaching/learning. The future for game-based learning is bright indeed.

  17. Deep knowledge of what makes people interested and willing to persist at something. Terrific!

  18. Game is a medium. I like it. Students can also learn from it. Thank you

  19. VIdeo games industry has spent years improving their games to make them more addictive and more fun, but school.. eeeh not so much.

  20. I'm just looking for him making a statement that Video Game can indeed teach effectively, had to go through this video over and over again

  21. This thesis is a bunch of loaded language and subjective details. These TED talks teach me nothing. He doesn't even follow his own advice. Boring and wrong. There are multiple intelligences. People learn in every way.

  22. What makes students more willing to learn on a game is because they make it fun to learn, while the school doesn't really have that aspect of fun, so they really need to implement a new way of school teaching.

  23. Hello,Sorry for this comment.
    I try to make this video breakdown and use Freytag Structure to explain it.

    Freytag Structure from this video

    Explaining about education,and its development in various media.

    -inciting incident:
    Troublesome in education and what the impact on various of learning media.

    -Rising Action:
    There is not a lot of various media for learning and education.

    Example of troublesome in education like grading,learning,and media.

    -Falling action
    Introduction of game base learning media for education troublesome solution.And its development for education around the world,including some of the example,like "Triseum",game about education especially math and science thet under development.Also talking about how to use this media effectively.

    Benefit from game base education,how this game can uravel this complicated problem in education and why this media can become very effective way for learning and education revolution.Also how game development can be use for other various problem.

    And that the breakdown from the video.Thank you,and hope this help you.^-^

  24. 2020/2021 here: we are now learning through zoom! We are learning VIRTUALLY NOTHING

  25. My mind is blown. I wish this had been the status quo when I was in college

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