The Educational Pokémon Games -

The Educational Pokémon Games

Peter Knetter
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A documentation of the secret unknown never before seen educational Pokemon game by the dude who doesn’t use any commas in this sentence. That was not an actual sentence.


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  1. Mario head: imma going to fly for you

  2. I get a pikachu button? he's huuuge.

    ~Patter, 2021

  3. Me: just change the language!!
    Peter: How??????????????????????????????

  4. "Timmy and Tommy" are actually called "Plusle and Minun"

  5. 7:50
    Mario:Oh Look Its Mario's Wife Pikachu,Its-a Time For You To Kiss Me


  6. Those guys are called the pichu bros

  7. "Was you doing… that in 2004 SEGA?" yes peter, the pico was discontinued in 2005 in japan

  8. I wish I knew the joke behind Peter's wife Chikorita

  9. I played Pokemon Playhouse before and I got all the pokemon like more than 3 times!

  10. did you know? if you play all of the educational games with popular characters, you can unlock the secret phd

  11. anonymous_(I don't reply lmao use my community) says:

    Too bad they can't educate Pokemon fans to not be human filth

  12. Bro when I was a kid, Pokemon Playhouse was my childhood. I ALWAYS played pokemon playhouse

  13. my fav part of the vid is Pokémon can teach us numbers and change all our diapers please

  14. The dumbest lyrics to the intro thing:

    I wanna learn the alphabet, like no one ever has
    To go to school is very cool, we will learn everything
    I will travel to school and back, searching everywhere
    These letters, to understand how to evEn uSe ThEM

    Pokemon! Gotta teach us numbers
    Then change all our diapers please
    Pokemon! Oh you don't get, that letters are hard!

    (this is where i will stop for now. If anyone knows how to continue, tell me.)

  15. Btw 3:32 is Mudkip, need help with Pokémon? Ask away anytime.

  16. At the beginning, my 5th grade science teacher had that same microphone

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