The 5 Most Mind Boggling Educational Games -

The 5 Most Mind Boggling Educational Games

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Come for the Asthma Dinosaur, stay for the Man Literally Made Out Of Condoms.

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  1. I wonder how you defeat the zombies with typing……

    Eh, problably nothin.

  2. Wait, you though Bloody Mary was a menstruation joke?
    It's an alcohol pun…

  3. Goddammit. It wasn't the English London, it was CANADA! IT WAS MY CITY! I HAD TO PLAY THIS GAME AS A CHILD.

  4. Actually christian educational games makes my skin crawl.

  5. Prince wasn't weird. How could u say something like that? Prince is Music.

  6. YAAY ENGLAND!!! I live there! Also Middlesex looks funny, perhaps regrettably it's pronounced Middle-six.

  7. Oh I remember the Bill Nye game as a kid, it was glitchy as anything (a very glitchy point and click interface especially).
    Though growing up in the 90's we at least had good educational games from EA Kids (when EA was still a good company) and The Learning Company. They made fun education games I still remember fondly

  8. Our beloved host's Hipster look is at an uncomfortable level.

  9. I disliked this because one of the games made me nauseated, good video though, sorry.

  10. Not all educational games are bad. Oregon trail, and Carmen San Diego are awesome.

  11. Gus goes to cybertown to kidnap children.

  12. Ok, so that game at the beginning, the circle thing under the waist… My friend is building up his hits on me and he's going to to the 64 tri gram thing from Naruto. He's at 66 so it's going to happen any day now

  13. Gus: I can show you where the rainbow ends.

    Do I even want to know what that's implying?

    Gus: We're at the end of the rainbow, and the treasure… IS ME! Molests you

  14. Don’t worry, Bill Nye is still a sign of a teacher giving up.

  15. Your jokes here are way better and less boring than in the batman episode.

  16. I fucking love educational games. I wish there were more good ones.

  17. Not sure most of these were educational. I'm kinda disappointed. I just felt more like they wanted to bash a bunch of old games that weren't indie darlings or triple A's. I guess they can't all be winners

  18. Tightly vehicle duck auto ski route radical practical annual trunk automatic

  19. Tony's eloquence and script writing is nothing short of ingenious!

  20. the last one looks like the bad porn flash games

  21. Bloody Mary is a type of alcoholic beverage, but I can’t tell if that’s what they were going for because knowing that she’s wondervage’s twin sister, they could be making a period joke… they really should’ve just let the rock hit us

  22. What about the Pink Panther PC games?

  23. I accually played Prince Interactive…I learned so much…… about

  24. So the ones cartraige was 80 dollars while a Nintendo switch cartraige is 60 dollars it is amazing what time we live in

  25. At 5:43 the monkey on the right is jerking off. Remind me who the primary audience of this game is again?

  26. I don't know man, these games looks good, try to play one game and give your review.

  27. Brb; looking for let's play of adventures in sex city.

  28. MAX also known as the prototype for AM from "I have no mouth and i must scream".

  29. "Learning is never worth it" is an AMAZING final line. Well played sir.

  30. Oh i agree with meax or whatever his name was. we will be the death of ourselves anyways. Also i hate life. In general. Expecially humans. Sorry, but you can all die in a hole for all i care.

  31. 13:10 this sounds like something I've seen while looking at porn

  32. The only thing that can stop the rock is paper. This is common knowledge smh

  33. Eugene I'm not gonna tell you my last name says:

    Bloody Mary is a type of alcohol

  34. Educational games may be cringy but I loved playing the Reader Rabbit games, the Freddy Fish games (and other games by that company) and the Putt-Putt games as a young kid.

  35. I forgot about Bill Nye
    Haven't seen him in years and this episode reminded me about another Bill Nye game that wasn't good either

  36. One of the first games I played was a educational game called Treasure Mountain it was fun and educational at the same time.

  37. I have asthma and I had it since I was three years old.

  38. The funny thing there is a educational f.r.i.e.n.d.s. computer game and a educational The Crow computer game as well.

  39. Fun fact, Endorphimachine is from Prince’s best record. Fight me.

  40. Here in Germany we have some good ones, espacially the Heureka-Klett series. But i don't know if they made it to other countries

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