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Spongebob’s WEIRD Adventures in Educational Games

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Spongebob Squarepants is a household name, and while everyone knows about most merchandise surrounding the series, there’s something in particular people don’t talk about: his educational games. Are they truly awful, or is there some fun to be had while playing ’em?

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  1. 1:00 At least this version of SpongeBob Saves The Day doesn’t have an extremely creepy creature in the save files.


  2. Man see those two sponge bob leapfrog games brings me back. I loved those games. I don’t remember learning anything but it was fun.

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  4. 0:51 YUP!! I had a Lepster 2 I got it for Christmas when I was like maybe 2 I still have it but I don't have any games for it just the stuff that was built in to it because I never knew that there was games for it in till like 2019

  5. 1:38 I remember the crappy audio from the Lepster for the one game my I have it was a game about chicken's

  6. I had the leapster game and the music and patrick mini games were my favorite

  7. I never realised spongebob saves the day was educational as a kid lol

  8. Doc: spends 30 years trying to invent time travel
    Worm: "Hold my apple…"

  9. I read the title as educational memes and got flashbacks to the first day of 7th Grade Orchestra.

  10. My fav game as a little kid was a game that taught you math that was sponge-bob you flipped patties and did other things but I was a small child so I don’t remember . I also remembered having a little mermaid and Winnie the Pooh game

  11. Also the spongebob saves the day game got ANOTHER GAME wats next the same thing again

  12. The only thing closest to a Spongebob educational game I’ve played was those Fisher Price Interactive DVDs where you watch an episode of Spongebob, insert an activity card to interact with the episode, play some games, and that’s about it.

  13. The spongebob tipping game was actually the first ever spongebob game I’ve ever seen

  14. my elementary school was debating on getting the spongebob typing game then decided against it cuz they thought it would make us dumber

  15. For some reason the voice actor of Mr Krabs just won't go in any games he's just like nope I'm not going in a game because a couple of SpongeBob games couldn't get the actor of Mr Krabs to play it Mr Krabs

  16. Well we've kind of get a SpongeBob racer it's a Nickelodeon racer but it has SpongeBob in it of course because that's literally best thing on Nickelodeon

  17. I remember SpongeBob game but I can’t remember what it was called I remember he had multiplayer

  18. What the fuck was wrong with your voice back then Jesus fucking Christ

  19. Not entirely related, but I faintly remember having this Star Wars game on my leap frog.

  20. I remember having a Leap Frog tablet when I was 4 or 5

  21. Man, Clancy sure doesn't seem to like giving his voice to Mr. Krabs when it comes to games even though his voice has been featured in a few SpongeBob games

  22. I do remember that game too as well for spongebob

  23. That intro for the wormhole game was “educational” BECAUSE THE FACT THEYRE TEACHING KIDS ABOUT FAKE WORMHOLES!!!!!! lol

  24. I've played the clam pre. It was actually lots of fun, as a little kid

  25. 4:33 that also happened in BFBB… even the rehydrated version…

  26. spongebob driving technically defies the laws of physics

  27. Wow 3 years…..time really flies

  28. only noobs uses designs in their channel names says:

    SpongeBob Squarepants was use to be a simple marine biology teacher untill he became a math teacher._.

  29. I got SpongeBob SquarePants Typing as a gift, but I ended up getting rid of it, because I did not need to learn to type, so I missed out on the game.

  30. 4:51
    This would be a great concept for a Friday night funkin mod.
    Name: Friday night typing'
    Songs: typing Practice HELP

  31. There was a Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends game for the LeapSter based on the episode Neighbor Pains with Young Man Rivers

  32. These games are now very rare to find now days,especially ebay and amazon to purchase the old games from the 2000s.

  33. Eduardo NotReferenceToAnythingLikeItsANameYouCanGet says:

    1:44 The moment SpongeWalt WhitePants became Heisenbob

  34. Nothing will stop me, not even… EDUCATIONAL SPONGEBOB GAMES!? OH NO!

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