Shape the Village Learn Circle, Triangle and Square Kids Educational games by -

Shape the Village Learn Circle, Triangle and Square Kids Educational games by

Mariya Ermachkova
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** Featured by Apple as “Best New Apps” in 11 countries including US, UK, Austrailia & New Zealand
** Featured by Apple as “Best for Ages 5 & Under” and/or “Best New Apps” in Kids and Education Categories in 35 countries including US, UK, Canada, Germany & Spain

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The easy-to-learn activities are designed so that young children can perform them without texts or tutorials. Building and character rewards appear after the completion of each exercise, encouraging kids to continue and complete all the shape activities.

Features of “Shape the Village” are as follows:

-16 varied activities to teach kids all about circles, triangles and squares
-No need for tutorials: the app has an intuitive, child-friendly design
-Interactive, motivating rewards for activity completion
-“Day” and “night” modes: the characters sleep at night just like kids!
-Cooperative workbook activities with easy-to-prepare materials
-Supports 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean
-Supported on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (Universal)

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