Save The Numbers - Funny Kids Game Educational Video -

Save The Numbers – Funny Kids Game Educational Video

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Save The Numbers – Funny Kids Game Educational Video

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Educational games for children are the most popular way to study nowadays and our apps will help kids with their preschool education.
Numbers for kids – learn to count 123 kids math games. An educational game for kids with numbers which toddlers trace with fingers and learn!
A wonderful alternative activity for learning numbers from 1 to 10, 20 and counting games for kids. Preparing for school hasn’t been so easy with digital playing:)
You are going on an exciting journey. Numbers for kids from the wall clock flew away because of a strong wind. Investigate the problem and find them all! You will have to save the numbers 123 and return to their places. They can be found in the lake, in the house and even in the galaxy!
The toddler game easily teaches your baby to count to 10 and more, as well as develop memory and fine motor skills as it has very beautiful and fascinating tasks for tapping and tracing.
Indeed, study can bring joy and our Numbers for kids will help in counting and arithmetic! The preschool games will help kids show are a great and rewarding activity!

Classic features:
🤗 Trace the numbers with fingers while soaping and washing them – remember the lines – learn easily with educational games!
🤗 Train logic and attention with kindergarten learning games. Find the numbers in unexpected places. Save the numbers and you’ll know them all from 1 to 20!
🤗 Get acquainted with the clock and with the count of time. Turn the arrows and set the time on the clock.
🤗 Go through an exciting tutorial with wonderful tasks in the learning games for kids. Children will easily and effortlessly learn numbers and train to write numbers from zero to nine, mathematics for kids.
🤗 Fairytale-like tasks make a challenging journey for kids’ imagination! Visit volcanoes and dive into waters, enter a witch’s house and climb into the bird’s nest – these are the places where you need to find the characters.
🤗 Enjoy bright and saturated colors of all figures and be pleasantly captivated with the kindergarten learning games – you know all the numbers in the blink of an eye!

New features in the preschool games:
🍭 Now you can count up to 20!
🍭 New locations – you’ll reach even the Space and see the Sun at a close glance!
🍭 There is one more thing we can celebrate now – a new chapter in Mathematics for kids!

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Math game specifically for children aged 2-5 years and older, enriched it with outstanding animations and colorful graphics and added fully voiced plots in various languages for making your kids smarter and brighter!

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