Sailor's Happy Homecoming | Duty Free Shopping from Dubai | Amazing Educational Games for Rayyu😍 -

Sailor’s Happy Homecoming | Duty Free Shopping from Dubai | Amazing Educational Games for Rayyu😍

Mrs Merchant Navy Tamil
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Hi makkale…

These amazing board games and educational toys are from @tveetyy.toyshop in Instagram. You can also have a look at their website for latest toys. Here’s the link to the website.

The board games are of good quality and Lavenya ensured they arrived in good condition. She can get you the preferred toys/games at a very reasonable cost.

@tveetyy.toyshop has games for almost all age groups. Both the memory chess and the 13-in-1 game board I got were really nice and interesting to play. There were so many unique and rare games in it. Rayyu loved playing all the games 🤩🤩

We have always supported small business and upcoming entrepreneurs and we are happy to support @tveetyy.toyshop

Here’s a mini vlog on my sailor husband’s happy homecoming! As a merchant navy wife, I made exciting plans to welcome him and see his surprise look.

Guess what’s inside his bag for us? Hubby brought duty-free shopping goods from Dubai and fantastic educational games for Rayyu.

Watch the full video to see the level of happiness on the husband’s return.

#MrsMerchantNavyTamil #WelcomeHome #HomeComing

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  1. Same thing will happen to us after returning from ship …my hubby also so sweet

  2. I can feel this moment ..Sailor sign off is a festival for all sailors family…Proud to be a sailors wife..

  3. When a Man gives importance to wife and their kids its really a gods Grace somepersons gives imt to frds and relatives only not to wife and kids God bless u sis

  4. Again and again seeing, sign off video

  5. Plz add English subtitles so that everyone can understand

  6. hyyy bruh croy here happy seeing u bck home

  7. Happy to see chief officer and you all at home 👍

  8. Beautiful family…. blessed to have peaceful family…. maintain this sis…..

  9. Are you want to donate your hair donation for cancer patients

  10. Can feel this moment as I am also a Captain wife .
    The most happiest moment for a sailor wife😍😍😍.

  11. Itha pakka enaku romba happy a iruku sis.. My husband pathu 3yrs achu

  12. Pakkave romba happy aa iruku sister Masha Allah

  13. வாழ்க வளமுடன்

  14. Manasukku romba pudichamana family, stay blessed for ever with all happiness.God bless ur family

  15. Very happy pa,,,😀😀😀.love story tamil podunga pa plzzz plzz plz…….………

  16. Thala back to home after several months happy to c u thala spent much time with family and get back through many contents ur fans are waiting anna

  17. Hve nothing to say…Pure bliss to see u 3 together …Stay blessed 😍😍 I literally had tears…..

  18. Show him your boyfriend. He must who fullfill your thirst.

  19. Nice video ❤️ I like very much 😘 Love u both❤️ nice couple… I love ur family… May allah bless you both and give a lotz of success and happiness to in ur life 💋 baby looking so handsome 💞 Masha Allah for everything 👍

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