Safety Tips For Children Play Fun Educational Games for Kids or Family -

Safety Tips For Children Play Fun Educational Games for Kids or Family

Mariya Ermachkova
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Perfect educational game for children and kids to play. Keep your elementary, preschool and kindergarten age child entertained while they are learning!

First time ever on Appstore, an educational game for kids of all ages, introduces basic safety knowledge and first aid procedure to save yourselves from dangerous incidents. Your kids will join a role-playing game, and have to manage to get out of emergency situations, including:
– House fire
– Electric shock
– Stuck in elevator
– Lost in the park
– Kidnap

A 12-game pack will open a new animited colorful world in which, your kid will explore and navigate through 25 basic safety lessons. Interesting storyline with illustrative cause-and-effect, colorful and cute graphics, constructive learnings, trial-and-error play mode will encourage your kids to participate and memorize quickly at ease. Designed using real world safety regulations and adopted industrial standards.

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