Roblox EDUCATION game shows you how to escape fires! -

Roblox EDUCATION game shows you how to escape fires!

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Today I play Fire Escape! A game that gives you information on how to escape a fire in real life. I actually love that Roblox is promoting educational games btw I’m just an idiot


  1. Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  2. If you guys didn’t realize this is actually a jojo reference of rohans house burning but he’s fine

  3. Albert just went in the elevator I'm going to say Albert went in the elephant 🐘 😳


  5. I like how in the thumbnail there is Hinata XD

  6. When you said that shit was Titanic that was Britannic

  7. So twenty one pilots is having a concert now

  8. hinata was in that thumbnail cause she thought he likes naruto
    edit: he does but like like love

  9. I have 100 m and m thats this voloum for me 100 YeEe GuYs

  10. Albert: wait what about my fish?! The water's gonna drown! They're gonna die!
    Me: bravo albert ur so smart 👏

  11. Just saying Britannic is not the titanic! It’s actually a hospital ship in 1915 – 16

  12. 'The titanic died' cracked me up i love the titanic and rest in peace all the 1500 people who died on the ship in 1912.

  13. also 'the titanic died' the britannic died, titanic's sister ship

  14. there was a time where a actual fire happened and i literally almost died lol (seriously)

  15. Flamingo says TITANIC while it writes BRITANIC

  16. Everyone: what the my house not on fire. Albert: your house will light on fire now

  17. or take quartzites to create ice cold water (-150°) that creates a very cold steam/smoke (-75°) which stops fire/hot smoke/hot steam from getting created (fire is extinguished and smoke/steam turns into ice and evaporates)

  18. thats not titanc it brtitanc the titanc is not white

  19. “What about my fish? The water is gonna drown- the fish are gonna die!”

  20. best way to exit a burning building: become spiderman and climb out

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