Reviewing the top Nintendo Switch educational games and how they compare to OSMO! -

Reviewing the top Nintendo Switch educational games and how they compare to OSMO!

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Thanks for watching. Today we talk about 6 ways the Nintendo Switch can be an excellent homeschooling assistant. We review four educational games ranging in price from $4.99 to $12.99. If you own a switch and you homeschool, you might want to consider letting these games help you with your educational endeavors!

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0:00 Intro
1:19 Science Game
4:00 General Educational Game
5:24 Strictly Math Game
7:30 Animal Encylopedia
8:56: Osmo vs Nintendo


  1. WRC 9, WRC 10, Wreckfest, Dirt rally 2.0 and car X drift are also very good options for education but nobody believes me

  2. "Epistory: Typing chronicles" is a fun narrative based ARPG that improves typing skills though a USB keyboard is required

  3. Thanks for making this video! I didn’t realize the switch had actual educational games. We have been considering a game counsel for the boys but haven’t decided which one. Thanks for the info!!!

  4. Not specifically educational, but I recommend Big Brain Academy. It consists of abstract brain exercise games that even adults would find challenging. The best feature about it is you can play against other users (in a sense). It keeps it engaging, and competitive.

    Downside is its price as it's a big label game (developed and published by Nintendo itself).

  5. Whats good for reading ? For kids ? Grade 2 and 3

  6. I couldn't bube the first brainwash straight out the gate. Stopping instantly

  7. Very good info thank ya sir! Lookin for stuff for 3 year old what you think is a good start?

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