Preschool Learning Videos for 3 Year Olds | Kids Learning Videos | Educational Videos For Kids -

Preschool Learning Videos for 3 Year Olds | Kids Learning Videos | Educational Videos For Kids

The Soft Roots
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Preschool Learning Videos for 3 Year Olds | Kids Learning Videos | Educational Videos For Kids

Videos For Kids To Learn

This video is related to preschool learning videos for 3 year olds, educational videos for preschoolers reading and learning videos for toddlers. Our mindset is to teach kids learning for 3 year olds for their basic learnings like abc counting colors and shapes. We compose this video to help children to get engage and learn abc whiteboard animation, alphabetical characters name and abc 123 colors and shapes with fun and ease. This video is helpful for teachers for the explanation and recognition of alphabet numbers colors and shapes for kindergarten.

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“The Soft Roots” is a 2D & 3D animated channel, which provides kids videos for kids to learn alphabet, colors, counting numbers, shapes, kids vocabulary for kids, animals name and writing practice for kids.

Our vision is to educate kids through fun by using a unique blend of animation and music to make them able to learn by watching our learning videos for toddlers, learning videos for kindergarten and learning videos for preschoolers.

We aspire to develop a kid’s learning enjoyable. We aim to produce fun learning kids videos for kids with our beautiful 2D & 3D animation, cartoon music and basic informative knowledge for kids. We work for educational development in kids with alphabets, colors, numbers, animals, birds, shapes, kids vocabulary, fruits, vegetables, and much more.

The Soft Roots welcome you to the rich land of learning with fun. It is a best channel for toddlers learning to contribute a great effort in learning for kids. These Kids learning Videos and educational videos for kids are playing a vital role in development especially for kids like Toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten to learn through kid’s songs with lyrics and nursery rhymes.

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