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Physical Education games

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Physical education. Éducation physique. Educacion fisica. Sportunterricht. 體育. Tǐyù. Pisikal na edukasyon. Физическая культура. Fizicheskaya kul’tura. Pendidikan jasmani. शारीरिक शिक्षा. shaareerik shiksha. Educazione fisica. 体育. Taiiku. Tjelesna kultura. التربية البدنية. Dene tarbiya. Educação física. Fizychne vykhovannya. Liggaamlike opvoeding. Fizychne vykhovannya. التربية Śārīrika śikṣā. آموزش فیزیکی. Beden eğitimi. Fiziksel etkinlikler dersi. Egitsel oyunlar.


  1. It's better to have 4 lanes about 6-8 kids and not 2 lanes with 10-12 kids. You must have more kids in active and not wait a lot of hour.

  2. Very nice 👍
    Thank you so much 🥰

  3. "Oh my goodness! Our 10-year-old son has brain damage! How on Earth did that happen?"

    "Well, you forced him to practice football since he was eight years old. He's lucky to be alive."

    "Oh my goodness! Our son barely graduated from high school! How on Earth did that happen?"

    "Well, you forced him to waste 20 hours every weekend on sports instead of studying and sleeping. What did you think would happen?"

  4. Very Nice…please i need some games in volley-Ball and speed

  5. Plz bataye kha hai ye academy 6year bacche ka admission krana hai

  6. إذا مر أستاذ أو أستاذة على هذا التعليق من الجزائر،
    سؤال لمن له خبرة، أين أجد هذه الوسائل كي أقوم بهكذا ألعاب لتلاميذي؟
    أتمنى لا تبخلوا عليا بالجواب

  7. Muy dinámica su clase felicitaciones!!!?

  8. Excellent. The girls are giving it to the boy's

  9. It's really usefull I really wanna know the names of the steps used in the video… PLEASE DO TELL ME..

  10. Mujy mery bety k lye physical fitness chahye us ki surgry hoi and urine problem ha

  11. Great job! Only issue I see is that during those drills, a lot of students are standing in line waiting for their turn. Next time, add more obstacles and divide into 4 lines instead of 2 long ones. This is so everyone has more activity time!

  12. These are great, thanks so much! Which activities do you find the students enjoy most?

  13. These are exciting activities…congratulations!!! My suggestion for you is to avoid students standing and WAITING in long lines. You can let all students work at the same time as demonstrated in the first activity. When only three or four students work, it means that the rest of the students are idle…they are waiting for their turn.
    I really love the class energy. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  14. What is the name of the rubber bands equipment

  15. Pscd is for people that are hmmm physical

  16. Beatiful work my brother, Very good!
    I'm Teacher in Brazil 👨‍🏫🇧🇷🎉

  17. サラ理【サラリーマン理学療法士】 says:


  18. Was looking for ideas for my p.e class, thanks have found many great activities to do!

  19. منو الي جاي من المدرسه ؟

  20. I am teacher physical education from indonesia ❤️🇲🇨

  21. Muito boa a sequencia de exercícios, parabéns !!!

  22. Great video! Really good ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Great video for physical education teacher like me, thank you 👍

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