Pass the clap around the classroom: vocabulary game -

Pass the clap around the classroom: vocabulary game

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It is a vocabulary game which can be used for elementary school to revise groups of vocabulary and spelling. Download Jenny’s e-books with ESL games and teaching tips here:
How to play: It is a clap passing game. It is played in a circle. The aim is to spell the last word in a vocabulary category named by the students.
Students pass the clap around the classroom saying together “I know 5 … ” and they name a category, for example, 5 animals: “lion, tiger, rat, dog and cat”. The last word in this chain should be spelt letter by letter with one letter for one clap: “cat”: c (clap) – a (clap) – t (clap). The last person shouldn’t let the previous student touch his or her hand. If the last student is fast enough and the previous person can’t touch his hand, he is the winner. And you can start playing the game with a new category like school subjects, days of the week, etc 😊

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