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Oculus Quest Educational Games | Learning In VR

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With most of the world home for the time being today on BMF we are talking about Oculus Quest educational games that can help continue learning in VR.

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  1. So far we are fans of Ocean Rift and Nat Geo. I really think Gadgeteer looks awesome though. Thanks for the video and content ideas.

  2. Hello please try to gave us a Minecraft news i need Minecraft in QUEST i dont have a good computer i need to hace it in QUEST

  3. You should also look at the educational apps on Sidequest, there are some really nice gems, for free. Nanome (molecular engineering), Sama General Chemistry, Organon anatomy, Robotics in VR, the Engage platform, Science simulations (physics), Faraday's magnets etc. There were nice apps on the Go too, IDK whitch of them are cross-platform/crossbuy. I think they worth a video too. Cheers.

  4. I think virtual classrooms could be an awesome tool right now!

  5. How do I sideload more music onto beat saber. I've tried from Oasis and it didn't work.

  6. When is saints and sinners out on quest😭!!

  7. I love your content & your presentation style!

  8. Just picked up racket nx, if anybody has a, quest and they don't have this game, it's highly recommended

  9. For some reason hearing you had a ten-year-old son was like a gut punch

  10. Have you done a video about VR Chat? I'd love to see it.

  11. I need your help
    My quest isn’t updating to version 15 and I’ve tryed everything

  12. I need your help
    My quest isn’t updating to version 15 and I’ve tryed everything

  13. You defiently should have more subscribers and views

  14. Thanks for posting this! A question about Wander, is it possible to adjust height perspective? Some scenes which are street view make it seem like you’re several feet up in the air.

  15. i gotta say oculus quest is really lacking when it comes to productivity tools and educational content it has so much more potential… businesses are not even aware of the potential so they don' t invest yet in people to create content

  16. ngl. When I went through the Anne Frank house and was close to the end of the experience I cried. The whole experience was well made and really interesting. Who knew VR could tug at your heart like that.

  17. I am totally going to spend my break over quarantine using some of these!

  18. The problem is most people think Virtual Reality is a con, and no one will invest their money into getting one.
    There is so many opportunities with VR but people really need to understand the real enjoyment of vr

  19. These look like great ways to kill the boredom during the quarantine! Thanks for sharing this list 😊

  20. What is the best language learning game? Speech trainer?

  21. We need Brain Juice & Smart As in VR too!

  22. Mission iss is quite educational. Great video👍👍

  23. Thank you for the video. As a teacher, what would you suggest the best method to utilize the quest in my online classroom. Would I need to stream the feed to my students or do I have to prerecord something and then share it? I just got the quest a month ago so I'm still new at it.

  24. but how do i get a class or grup of students to play this content

  25. When you look at VR being demonstrated on utube the picture Quality always look so good but when you actually put the VR head set on the picture quality looks nothing like what you see being demonstrated on utube , I was very disappointed after looking through a friend of mines quest , they really need to fix that problem within the headset maybe then more people will buy one , there are probably 3rd party apps out there that can address this issue by downloading different software but since everyone is not that tech suave there not going to bother with that , they should make it so you can adjust the resolution for a better picture experience right in the headset without having to download anything imho.

  26. Is there a vr "game" where I can teach in front of a blackboard, and have a video saved from the students prospective?

  27. I went to the Frank house when interrailing with a friend. My friend did the tour, I couldn't being in a wheelchair but they brought me a Oculus Go and headphones and loaded the app. I spent 3 hours in there and am looking forward to trying it again and taking more in. It was actually because of this and a past try because of the iAnimal Campaign that has made me buy a Quest 2

  28. I would like to see how the quantum field or Schumann resonance or zero point energy works visually during meditation basically want to see dr joe Dispenza science in 3d animated models that we can interact with, also what octave frequency connects to what chakra and dimension in afterlife

  29. She was frightened of reading at the start – worried of being mistaken. Having said that, after Two months of sticking with this reading guide, she can read through by herself beginner novels. It’s extraordinary to see the outcome and results of the coaching. Whatsoever grade level your boy is in now. Get this guide on Google. The reading guide’s name is Elena Readoρiz

  30. I know this is an older VR video but after just purchasing the Quest 2 as a family gift for Christmas, I've been looking more and more into the educational and experience side of things… to especially help with the Covid fatigue we're all dealing with. I'm looking forward to checking out some VR videos and guided tours of places that I'll probably never get to visit in my lifetime. So on that note… Does anyone have a Youtube playlist or know of any guided tours that are narrated?

  31. I was prepared to purchase a dozen Quests for my classroom prior to COVID hitting, and I decided to put off the purchase until it was safer to share headsets. Then along came the Quest 2 and I again considered purchasing units to potentially use for next year and taking this year to put together grants for purchasing, downloading and installing apps for each of the units, creating lesson plans that fit my subject (experimental science aka 'science fair' and engineering courses) for students to particpate in interactive lessons and manipulate the CAD models they design in class. Unfortunately, the Quest 2 was announced with the required Facebook login requirement. Even if I could convince my district of accessing Facebook to login with the units through our school network, I would still have an issue of creating 12 separate logins for each of the headsets, which Facebook doesn't allow a single person to have. So now I am looking for alternatives. Educators are looking towards VR to provide us with opportunities to take our students all over the world, into outer space and even inside the human body, but until a VR manufacturer starts thinking with education as a development pillar, we will still be teaching in the little red schoolhouse with blackboards and learning about the universe out of books. Don't get me wrong, I love books, but in order to really learn students need more experiential, hands-on opportunities in addition to the information provided in books. While these educational apps are cool, they can't really be accessed by educators. 🙁

  32. I wish to play guitar.
    Maybe notes can light up to the beat or something.
    Would be great to learn.

  33. This is the New platform for Schooling in this Pandemic Crisis FB my lead all Countries in this Smart Education VR for Safest learning good for Public School because Government Can Convert them into Public Hospital but very bad in Private Schools maybe they can shifted in another business like Bitcoin investing.

  34. Oculus Quest Interactive Museum Experiences*

  35. Imagine learning new languages in vr, where you see words, hear how is it pronounced, you can learn grammar, and you can pronounce (which is the most improtant part).

  36. Imagine learning any skill you want in a vr world!

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