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Hey, I’m Hafu! I’m a 5x legend Hearthstone player, finishing at rank #7 during season 3 and peaking at rank #2. Lately I’ve been playing Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and really enjoying it! I was the #1 player by MMR in the public beta and am currently top 100 on live servers.
Outro – IX – Aihara Enju

directed & edited by: basti


contact: [email protected]

Teamfight Tactics is a League of Legends game mode that is sometimes referred to as TFT or LoL AutoChess.
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  1. I know that plugin is not a hacking and it is just a add-on but I feel like this type of tools, takes so much fun of the game. Feels like you are just coping someone's build . I don't know I am just a diamond player but I personally don't use this addon's

  2. Glad that Delicousmilk was way more chilled out this time around lmao

  3. Nah, it wasnt less stressful coz of jst having one coach… The problem was the other guy in the last vid. He was stressful regardless if he had a partner, i reckon.

  4. I feel like if you started early with this set and were ahead of the curve like you were for the first one, you would like this way more… But that's just my opinion.

  5. for all who is wondering why is hafu being coached. she is going to all stars event for TFT and she hasn't play set 2 much so she is trying to cramp all she has to know.

  6. Dude just said rangers don’t do damage? What kind of teacher is this he haven’t seen super Kindred build? Or Vayne With hurricane and Infinity edge ???? That combo does more damage than a Signed with 6 rangers.

  7. who are the two coaches here? can anyone tell me? thanks

  8. I liked it more with 2 coaches, way more exciting.

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