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Mario’s BAD Educational Games! – ConnerTheWaffle

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Hey kids, it’s time to learn with Mario!.. yay?

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  1. Sorry I'm late I went to the pancake school

  2. I think the reason behind the floating head in Mario Teaches Typing 2 is to bring about the charm experienced by being greeted by Mario’s head in Super Mario 64.

  3. Mario Teaches Typing: Hey! Are you ready to Mario type?

    Johnny: Mother of God……

  4. Weirdly enough i still enjoy some of them but they get rapidly boring though (And luigi sprite is green mario)

  5. I always love the floating mario head for some reason probably YTP

  6. Can I go to the bathroom Mr Connor

  7. Without an apple Newton wouldn't know about gravity

  8. I’m gonna fly for you

  9. No mention of Charles Martinet's early voicing of Mario in the typing game and the Mario's game gallery?

  10. I loved supper mario pant it is fun and I played it and I am 10

  11. What’s great is that Dogsong by Toby Fox was made in mario paint.

  12. mario head is so funny

    I'm not the only one who thinks that?

  13. Ahh… I guess I gotta go fishing!

  14. Every like is one less floating Mario head of these is very little likes


  15. Then why is this the sequel where is Mario teaches typing number one

  16. Hey Connor the waffle I love your videos maybe do a dragon ball Z video

  17. Me Connor. Connor oh no how bad did i do. Well you got a s+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Conner what!😃

  18. Why is marios game galery in this video? Board games are not educational

  19. Fun fact yall: Las Vegas isnt really Las Vegas. The casinos and Hotels and stuff is in a place called Paradise. Im from Mexico btw

  20. The only Mario edutainment game i ever played by legit means was Mario teaches Typing. I didn't try Mario is missing or Mario's Time Machine for NES till i found out a site that i didn't know was illegal with lots of retro games… (which is thankfully completely gone)

  21. "How about a nice game of GO FISHE"

  22. Turns out that normal Mario games are more educational than the ones that we’re supposed to be educational! What I learnt from “educational” Mario games: nothing. Normal Mario Games: koopatroopas aren’t Yoshi’s.

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  25. 0:41 [Sally from The Peanuts Movie] OOOOOOH, You're in love!!! . . . . (What? I like Schulz.)

  26. The mario teaches typing conner shows its the end one there's 2

  27. When I was a kid I actually learned how to type by Mario and thought he was talking to me actually

  28. Sorry I'm late, Mr. Conner. My bus was 13 minutes late.

    Please don't send me to the principle's office

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