Little Kitten – My favorite Cat: Mouse Caught Educational game for kids -

Little Kitten – My favorite Cat: Mouse Caught Educational game for kids

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Little Kitten Adventures is a new app catered toward kids and cat lovers, that’s all about keeping an eye on a curious little cat, that always seems to get into trouble. Making it your job to watch out for him at all times, and make sure nothing goes wrong for your little cat throughout the day.

The whole plot of the app is about the kitten getting invited to a dress-up party, that you as the owner, have to prepare the cat for. However, you have to make sure you pack up his backpack, put on his costume and make sure he’s all ready for the party, without anything going wrong. But since little kitten always seems to get into trouble, something always ends up going bad that makes you behind or off track. Leaving you to clean up mud or dirt from the cat and having to re-dress him all over again.

The app even has it in such a way, where there are additional mini-games and adventures that unlock more costumes and memory challenges, that deal with remembering shapes, puzzles, creative costume designs and more. One is even set up where every time you remember the items for the kitten’s backpack, you can earn “golden fish” and unlock additional costumes, that range from a safari cat, a police cat, a lion, a dinosaur and even a superhero cat.

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