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Learning Through Play: Reading Comprehension Games

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Today, I share three budget- friendly, kid-approved reading comprehension games! They are easy to put together and full of engagement. Each game will make it more fun for your child to share and understand what they read. Have fun learning, together!

Question for comments: Which game was your child’s favorite?

AmazonLink to several 12-sided die and dice choices :

Comprehension Questions for the games:
***Note: It is perfectly acceptable for your child to need to go back into the story to find their answer. 🙂

1. Who is the main character?
2. Was there a problem? If so, what was it?
3. What would you do to solve the problem if you were the main character?
4. Where did the story take place?
5. What is the main idea of the beginning, middle, and end?
6. What was the big event of the story?
7. How would you change the ending if you were the author?
8. What made the problem interesting?
9. How was the main character described by the author?
10. How do you think the character felt at the beginning of he story?
11. What other story have you read that reminds you of this one?
12. When have you ever experienced something similar to the main character of this story?

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  1. Very cool. I'm stealing this for reading in our summer camp!

  2. 😊 Questions on each block of the tower is clever and engages the students well

  3. What age students can play this game madam??

  4. Good effort, thanks. Keep going,please.

  5. Wow, that’s amazing! You ask the exactly necessary questions and it’s so involving, you’re obviously in aware of what you say and why you say it. That’s such a psychological approach. Thanks, enjoyed.

  6. Thanks! Those are quite beneficial keep up👌

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  11. Thank you for sharing these three wonderful activities that helped students to demonstrate their reading comprehension.

  12. This was super helpful, will definetly try now. Thankyou♥️

  13. Wow this is a great idea! I'm really searching for this for my child

  14. Thanks for sharing! Those are nice ideas and we can actually use it right away:)

  15. thanx a lot👌 it was the best games for reading and i do it thank u sooo much for sharing❤

  16. I will be doing something like this for my daughter's project. Great ideas. 🇯🇲🇯🇲

  17. I love the game 🥰🥰🙏🏻
    Thank you

  18. Thank you Soo much for such a great video. I was searching on the internet for such games but couldn't find properly but Alhamdulillah this video is exactly what I was searching for.

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