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Learning Mini Motorways – The Most Satisfying Game

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Mini Motorways – Streamed 8/24/2021
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  1. if you want to make it far in this game dont let different colour cars use the same road. makes your citys look stupid but gets points

  2. there's no such thing as "left/right brained". people just bought that idea because of their excessive need for self-categorization, and the left/right brain theory suffices that need by being simple enough so that people don't have to read about anything for longer than 2 minutes in order to self-categorize.

  3. I don't know if it's the same developer but try Mini Metro

  4. fucking love it that in the first 5 minutes it is already the most stressed and cursing behaviour Ive ever seen ambigious in of all his videos. I must get this game.

  5. as someone who has spent days playing this game: you pain me

  6. Can you imagine if your whole city would be shut down whenever a few people couldn't reach the store?

  7. I'm obsessed with this game but also hate it because you can never win. Get high scores, but never win.

  8. The concept of being 20 minutes from a grocery store, by highway, is insane to me, but I've always lived in a big city

  9. What I've learned from Cities: Skylines, minimize the quantity of intersections people need to stop at.
    Roundabouts are great because they can complete remove the need for cars to stop, but having an intersection right next to a roundabout can make it worse than a 4way stop because it can block all four lanes. It can sometimes be better to group houses into cul-de-sacs and then connect that to the main road instead of each one to the main road, so that other drivers only care about one intersection.
    Bridges vs. highways; highways only come with 10 basic roads, everything else special gets 20, roads only is 30.

  10. there is also mini metro, about building train lines

  11. Are you going to continue your rimworld sky block series? I personally enjoyed it. It's a cool concept

  12. This game feels like it is going to cause some tech billionaire to think they know about civil engineering, and start a transportation company to try and 'fix' a major city by stealing billions of dollars from them, and then not delivering a functioning product in anyway.

  13. "Am I wearing a hardhat? I dunno… I'm just… I'm in my house.
    I am wearing clothes right now, unfortunately. Um, yeah. It's too bad."

  14. I'm pretty sure that making individual roads for each group of people is exactly the opposite of what you were supposed to do

  15. "oh so you decided to change you business to a circle" was the absolute best sentence ive ever heard

  16. what the hell are you doing

    your mumbling were highly entertaining tho

  17. Not sure if this has been mentioned but you can change the facing of your houses.

  18. That was a moderately funny and highly accurate description of your audience demographic. At least when it comes to me anyway.
    Trying to do things with friends that involve being creative is usually pretty hilarious. "Oh you guys built a fortress, that's neat. Come check out my square."

  19. This game is relaxing for one type of person, stressful but rewarding and artistic for another, and then some kind of torture for yet another lol.

  20. @ambiguousambphibian you claim left-brain dominance, and then at 0:03:30 you placed a road offensive to the human spirit itself. I'm glad I can spare my future children of that horrible moment you placed a road that only serves traffic from one direction. God help us. I will bear this trauma for some time.

    Edit: I'm 10 minutes in now. I feel cold and lifeless. All anima has left me. Why must you offend me so?

    40 minutes. 4 red houses have been blinking for several minutes now, in the center of your visual field. Who paid you to hurt me?

  21. I'm a right-brained artist, BUT but, I was told I was also highly left brained because I speak 7 languages and love learning, so who knows, maybe I'm balanced. I think that games like this are relaxing to watch though, love puzzle games. I also really like your voice, you seem like a chill person.

  22. Ah frabjous week is upon us, the god himself has blessed our auditory nerves with his angelical voice.

  23. this game makes the gears turn in the head for sure

  24. Mini metro is a good game with a similar concept

  25. Love this game! Bought it to play when I need to chill but once the score hit 1700 it always ramps up, I get overwhelmed and lose. Then I do it all over again because I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.


  27. mini metro but with roads instead of rails.

  28. shapes.io was SO much better… you could go at your own pace in that. This game doesn't let you do that.

  29. Great vid. In hind site you shouldn't of worried about the colours connecting and picked 3 motorways and 3 rounderbouts and connected large sections of the map. And wasted early road tiles on taking free land by building straight roman roads before the ai builds something random

  30. I am impressed with how this game makes you talk in strings of unfinished sentences and half thoughts. great video, I came away from watching this with absolutely no idea how to play this game. well done.

  31. Playing this now cause of you and your stream. Been great, thanks!

  32. These games should have ambiguous on a payroll solely based on the fact I end up buying every game he plays

  33. No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Absolutely positively no one:
    ambiguousamphibian: "Ah, another roundabout, frabjous day."

  34. Yo AA! how long until we can get a spiffing Brit crossover in zomboid multiplayer?!

  35. I am disturbingly left brained. thanks for sharing your creativity.

  36. Hey, I love your stuff and watch almost every video but this video has me worried for you. Maybe it's nothing but just know your killing it and giving so much joy to the world 🙂

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