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Learning Math with Pengui ~ Kids Educational Games

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Learn counting, geometric shapes, numbers and arithmetic with Pengui!

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Forget about boring learning and play interesting educational games!
Math has never been so easy and funny!

Application features:
⭐️ Mix learning and fun
⭐️ Enjoy the colorful graphics and animations
⭐️ Listen to funny sound effects and music
⭐️ Play offline
⭐️ No ads – Safe and kid-friendly

Play awesome games and study at the same time!

Play games with Little Pengui:
🐻 Count animals and choose the right number.

📈 Draw by numbers and enjoy the picture!

🔢 Fill the number series with correct numbers.

➕ Solve addition and subtraction tasks and find right answer.

🎈 Select the right numbers in balloons and burst them.

📝 Count by tapping on different number of objects.

🔶 Choose geometric shapes with correct number of sides.

Playing games with Pengui is a really funny and very useful activity!

Build up a cool collection of colorful animated stickers, which are given after every finished level! This will motivate kid to learn!

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