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Learning Games for a 1 Year Old

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Learning games / activities to entertain your 1 year-old baby. This video is about some fun and brain-building activities the will entertain your one-year old and help them hit developmental milestones. We will go over the following games: (1) Tap, Tap, Tap, (2) A.E.I.O.U., (3) Picture Book, (4) Rings on a Stick, (5) Buttons & Beads, (6) Nesting Cups, and (7) Simon Says. Thanks for watching!

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Smart Baby, Clever Child:

Wooden Rings:

Nesting Cups:

Picture Books:


  1. it is a directing reward system. It s efficient for now, but it may have a bad influence for kids when he grows up according to montesori as he will constantly looking for acknowledge from outside.

  2. Please share link of the book which is shown in video..

  3. Nice video…& very helpful this newly mom

  4. Your son is one of the cutest toddlers I have ever seen. He is so adorable when he is trying to follow your instructions at the end of the video.

  5. My 12 month can't do this lol she be all over the place props to you

  6. Your house is so beautiful!!! Baby is soooo cute!

  7. These r so good but , my baby just roar, cry, eat nd sleep…

  8. nice video, but where's the meat on the plates? Seriously, from breast milk to rabbit food? My baby was born a carnivore and is staying that way. She loves beef, lamb, steak, liver, egg yolks, butter, bone marrow, bone broth, etc. and a little avocado and sweet potato. These animal foods are the real super foods. Don't believe all the other bs.

  9. My 1 year son Loves the video and he tells Issac as his friend.

  10. This is so helpful! Thank you for sharing and your kids are so cute!

  11. An excellent share 👍

    Do check out our channel too for kids learning and Activity ❤️❤️

  12. He has a lot of teeth for a 1 year old. 🤓

  13. My baby is 15 months now. He is just looking at me when i imitate this to him. Just scaring at me. 😒

  14. Inspired by watching and learned more .i am a mom actually

  15. My 15 months daughter cant sit at one place for more than a minute… u r very lucky 😊

  16. This is the existing activities Baby shower nice program

  17. ahhhhh~~~~ Cutipie…~~!!!!! ♥♥♥ i almost got a heart attack… he is so cute..~~!!!

  18. thats really informative video…yew nd ur baby z sooooo adorable♥

  19. my niece justs looks at me like, why u bein playful all of a sudden 😂😭 I can't anymoreee

  20. this kid is way older than 1 yo- but then again its very variable how kids develop, sometimes theyre ahead, sometimes behind- milestones are all indicative guidelines. They will eventually catch up and learn everything but its a good idea to play games – and it's about just toys but also playing with other kids

  21. Amazing momma and awesome baby boy 😘❤

  22. My brother is 1 years old and till now he don,t know how to walk 😂 He only know how to eat he always cry he don,t know to play he throw when he have any toys

  23. Hy thank you so much it’s veryyyy helpfull

  24. I can’t make my child pay attention to listen me and follow me😢

  25. That's a very good teaching, my grandchildren enjoyed. Thanks a lot.

  26. This video time how old are your baby boy????i like your vlog.plz reply me

  27. good video, however I would not praise so much and call him 'good boy' all the time, play should be free and fun, not directed and praised every second

  28. Informative, and my goodness, what an adorable baby!

  29. Wow…going to try for my baby today Eve .thanks .waiting for more videos

  30. Wow…going to try for my baby today Eve .thanks .waiting for more videos

  31. Hi dear.. mind to share where can i buy the picture book like u ? Thank you for your help ❤️

  32. Subscribed … cant wait to try these with my daughter 💗

  33. Thank you! As a new mom it helps me with my son. Looking for more like this videos! Lovely family 🤩🤩😍😍

  34. Very good video I will start this with my son I wish I see this earlier!

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