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Learning Games for a 1 Year Old

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Learning games / activities to entertain your 1 year-old baby. This video is about some fun and brain-building activities the will entertain your one-year old and help them hit developmental milestones. We will go over the following games: (1) Tap, Tap, Tap, (2) A.E.I.O.U., (3) Picture Book, (4) Rings on a Stick, (5) Buttons & Beads, (6) Nesting Cups, and (7) Simon Says. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! May I ask how old is he ( in months) here?

  2. How old is your son?he seems very mature for a 12 month old😊

  3. Great ideas .bt my one try to eat everything.he is 17 months. From 🇱🇰

  4. Thank you so much for such amazing and interesting videos!

  5. Hi, ur child is so cute.. my girl is 13 month old she always put very small things in her month how to avoid this

  6. Realy he has too good listening skill and observation skills.. lovely

  7. Amazing! How many months is your baby during this video?

  8. Taking notes for myself hehe
    – stacking, nesting cup
    – imitation game > tap tap tap (rhytmic)
    Or clap, or nodding of head
    – use of picture games, saying words and pointing to them
    – rings on a stick, offer them another ring


  10. Cutieee … <3 how old is he exactly in this video?

  11. Omg I absolutely love these ideas! I have twins and interacting with both of them is so challenging at times as they always want what the other have. But I will definitely be trying these with them any one on one time I can steal during the day

  12. This is a helpful video. I just wanted to know what size teething rings do you use?

  13. Just subscribed, great video, excellent parenting.

  14. Thank u soo much sharing ur knowledge ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. This is brilliant. I love all of your games. I am definitely gonna try them all. Thank you from S. Korea <3

  16. Mine is keeping everything in mouth while giving activity. 😟

  17. Inspiring to see you have raised such beautiful babies..I am mother of 14 months old and gets too tired by end of the day..your video has made me realise nothing is impossible

  18. Ha! your funny face, he did bring them all down as requested

  19. 一歳何ヶ月くらいなんだろう?こんなに喋れるのびっくり…!何度もリピートさせるとできるのかな?

  20. Teach them to do as everyone else what development skill is that brain dead?

  21. Just in time, my baby is a 1 year old. I learned alot and I'm excited to play these with my baby. Thank you so much!

  22. Funny how you make things look “perfect” if you really want to influence show before he leaned not after

  23. Wow, I’m so grateful I found your channel 😭 thank you for taking the time to create such a great video. Xo, from Miami!

  24. I saw your video when my baby was 1. He did not do anything like this. But he is 19 months now and tends to copy our activities and is super fun to teach now. He is in his own time zone. I love him ❤️😍

  25. My babies are almost 14 months and it's just banging and screaming

  26. you are awesome. I just happen to come upon this video and Im a Nanny! I plan to do all of these activities! I am a retired preschool teacher and I love your fun activities for a one year old! Thank you for helping those Moms and caregivers who may need help. Im a subscriber and I look forward to more of your 1 year old activite indoors and outdoors……

  27. Hi i have a 16 old mount boy and he doesn't pay attention to me when im trying to teach him and even he didnt repeat me i dont know what can i do for him help me please and english is my sec language.

  28. I run a small toddler home care…these are great games to use and when you go google you can never find ideas for young ones -preschool 3+ thank you ITSY BTSY

  29. These all games are really helpful for new mothers like me thanks for sharing informative video. Love from Pakistan.

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