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Learning Activities for 4-5 Year Old KIDS &TODDLERS – 21 Different DIY İdeas

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Games are very important for children to learn about the world. This video has 21 different DIY activities ideas. Together you can both learn and have fun. Games in the video always plays preschool.

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  1. Whoooaaa I'm like mind blown about how intelligent these activities are yet sooo simple to make

  2. Çok beğendim ama yanlışlıkla beğenmedim tuşuna basmışim özür dilerim.Hepsi de çok güzel 👏👍

  3. JazakAllahu Khair for such a beautiful ideas.

  4. Sirf games achi bni h..lekin is games ko khelne ka koi fayda nhi qki ..ye sirf boring game h..is game mein koi maza nhi h

  5. Harika oyunlar izlerken bile eğlendim oynarken nasıl eğleneceğiz kim bilir ☺🥳😇

  6. Amazing video!! We are going to do it for sure.. thanks for sharing

  7. Looks be good but if only you explained what You're doing and name the activities and maybe how or where we can purchase it.

  8. Thanks for sharing such amazing activities. Plz upload a video of how to make these games at home.

  9. Can you provide the full video of identifyng number ( 0,8,2 more numbers)board game which was shown in this video

  10. Something fabulous!!! thanks for the suggestions!!! Regards 🤗

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  12. Where do we get this colour cotton balls

  13. 12 or 15 years ke children ke liye bhi koi indoor activities btaye

  14. Amazing , digital number board is awesome .

  15. Very interesting, new ideas for before morning circle time .

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