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Learning ABCs and Numbers with Elsa and Anna’s Story|Fun classroom activities

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Join us in this exciting and educational video where our classroom of young students enjoys a fun-filled day of learning and activities!

Our teacher begins by telling the enchanting story of Elsa and Anna from Disney’s “Frozen.” The kids are captivated by the magical tale and eagerly participate in the discussion.

Learning ABCs:
After the story, the children learn the ABCs through engaging and interactive methods. They recite the alphabet together and draw pictures representing each letter.

Break Time:
The students take a refreshing break, playing outside in the playground and enjoying their snacks. They swing, run, and have a wonderful time.

Learning Numbers:
Post-break, the kids return to the classroom to learn numbers. They practice counting, engage in a fun drawing activity, and participate in a lively flashcard game.

Interactive Games:
The video concludes with a thrilling “Number Hunt” game, where children search for hidden numbers around the classroom, making learning an adventure.
This video is perfect for preschool and kindergarten children, providing a blend of education and entertainment. Watch your kids learn and have fun with our interactive classroom activities!
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