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Learn Letters, Chain Reactions, Physics, Recycling and more | 7 Cartoons with Max and Friends!

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This educational compilation includes 7 short cartoons with Max the Glow Train and Friends!

1. “Chain Reactions” – Max the Glow Train and his friends learn numbers, shapes and colors while using educational chain reactions. Suddenly, Alex the Helicopter flies in and tells them that Bubble the Robot is stuck in a basketball hoop and needs help. The clever toys then decide to build a giant chain reaction set using toy cars, buses, 3d shapes, boats, dominoes, marbles, and even a toy train. With your help, Bubble the Robot is in good hands!

2. “Toby the Garbage Truck” – It’s a beautiful day in the park for a toy car race! Joe the Monster Truck and Blazin’ Bill the Monster Truck teach race cars how to race. Max the Glow Train and his friends arrive to watch the show too. One of Max’s new friends is Toby the Garbage Truck.
While the toys watch the car race, Toby the Garbage Truck is too busy finding trash in the park here and there.
After the race, the toys clean after themselves and start heading home. Toby the Garbage Truck discovers a dirty pond full of trash. The toys have to act fast to help clean the pond and recycle all the trash! Let’s keep this planet clean!

3. “Read with us” – Max the Glow Train and his friends receive an unusual device called a Word Machine. After they read a word the machine makes a toy. Something happens and the machine goes out of control!
Your child will learn how to read animal words with Max the Glow Train and his team!

4. “Let’s Pretend” – Max the Glow Train and his friends meet Robo-J5 the Robot at the gym. She shows them an unusual invention called Plate. Plate is a holographic device that can create anything you can imagine!
Using their imagination, the toys see a real size train, they go underwater, fly in the clouds, skate on ice, pretend the floor is lava, they go to the moon, ride a roller coaster, and see a real pirate ship with treasure! They also meet a new friend named Cube the Robot!

5. “Chain Reactions | Physics” – Max the Glow Train and his friends arrive at the Robo-J5’s physics lab. This lab uses chain reactions to study gravity, magnetism, lights, heat and energy, buoyancy, friction and simple machines.

6. “Animal Rescue” – Max the Glow Train and his friends do their best to free a turtle from plastic that’s wrapped around its shell. Unfortunately they cannot.
Next, Cube the Robot gets a message from Robo-J5 saying that she can help the turtle. All they have to do is take the mine train to get to her. While on their way to see Robo-J5, the toys do more good deeds by helping other animals!
One of Max’s friends is a small curious robot named Clam. While Robo-J5 explains about physics, curious Clam activates a chain reaction machine. The toys use physics to help Clam!

7. “Learn Letters” – Join this amazing adventure with Max the Glow Train, letters and toys.
Max is a fun loving toy train who teaches children the English alphabet. On his way to the zoo Max meets the letters and takes them with him.
Your child will see toy vehicles like an airplane, a bulldozer, a crane, an excavator, a garbage truck, a helicopter, a scooter, a police car, a road roller, a street sweeper, a tow truck, a van, a wagon, and a yacht.
Your child will learn the names of fruits like kiwi, lemon, mango, nectarine and orange.
Your child will see how a fire truck will rescue the shapes – circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle and octagon.
Your child will see toy animals – a dog, a bear, a cow, a duck, an elephant, a giraffe, a hedgehog, a mouse, a pig, and a zebra.


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