Kirby's BAD Educational Games - ConnerTheWaffle -

Kirby’s BAD Educational Games – ConnerTheWaffle

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kirby gave me an f

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  1. All of these people suck at coding and programing

  2. 2:56 What did you say about hat in time!? JK…. I am not mad ( I know he didn't mean it)… Or did he

  3. I learned something

    I learned that kirby does taxes and yoshi is kirbys cousin

  4. hey any old October fan will get this… conner likes Natsuki

  5. We've been tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly, bamboozled.

  6. Me and my sister would cheat by flying over everything but we prefer not to. It makes games so much funnier.

  7. These bootleg games suck and they are a piece of crap

  8. I understand sonic and Mario but this shit need to be wiped of the face of the earth

  9. I learned something! Kirby can't teach.

  10. Kirby doesn't even HAVE a REAL educational game.

  11. Kirby and the tax invation is the best anime

  12. I honestly wish someone would teach me taxes. Kirby, mario, link….anyone

  13. The things in the cars are actually BIG YOSHI

  14. All I know from Kirby
    Is drawing
    Love Cuteness Pink And more

  15. Actually Speed of Kirb is educational

  16. i swear i saw fuck in one of those letters in the first one

  17. The thing i learnt is don't play Kirby pays his taxes😜

  18. I think the Scratch 3.0 update back on January 2nd 2019 broke Kirby's Epic Drawn.

  19. i learned that kirby is bad at paying his taxes

  20. A learned Kirby is a good game except bootleg Kirby

  21. These games are NOT educational at all. And this video was not an April Fools joke. 0/10

  22. I guess I learned the game to play when I want to play something corrupt

  23. Conner: it all I got was. . .cheapy the cheapskate
    Jumpjeremiah16: hey what are you talkin about I ain't cheap

  24. Ja grajem w kriby epic yarn pastysgoiusa😈😡😡💤🖕🏿🖕🏿🤑

  25. get your education from kirby star alies rip your heart out and throw it at people and if u run out do it to others

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