Kirby's BAD Educational Games - ConnerTheWaffle -

Kirby’s BAD Educational Games – ConnerTheWaffle

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kirby gave me an f

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  1. Kirby rent Kirby:My sh*t f*ck you b*tch this rent is a b*tch f*cking taxes you sh*t heads

  2. I saw Kirby in a small car on the internet there's an image of it and also plenty of others and it works pretty adorable trust me

  3. I made Kirby does his taxes not lie in 😢😢 hurtful 😭😭😭😭

  4. Connor literally predicted the 2nd and 3rd DLC characters

  5. I learned how to draw Mario Kirby Lincoln everybody

  6. Conner the waffle: I hate you
    Patrick: I love you

  7. ConnerTheWaffel: What can possibly go wrong?
    Kirby: … FOK MA RENT IS DUE

  8. You aren’t wrong. These definitely are bad educational games.

  9. Okay, so I've never seen this channel before this video. Is this a joke channel? Is it ironic? I'm so confused and the comments are not helping at all. Did I just get duped? Bait and switched? Someone please tell me this is a joke channel

  10. 2:56 I hope to God that never happens. Sue me, but I literally hate her.

  11. When you said Yoshishould be watching this in Kirby does his taxes I rea
    lize you watch smg4

  12. 🤢 this is Jerry he's sick
    👕 From his baby sister
    👖 Her name is Rosie
    👢 1 like: makes him feel better

  13. Ohhhhh conner you are so cool and very funny and very kind and friendly and nice 😊💛💛💛😄😊😊😊😊😊😊💛💛💛

  14. If you guys didn't know, there was that Mario and Kirby educational japan video.

  15. Me and my friend learned something : Violence is the answer to any problem

  16. there's a educational math game called prodgy and It's a bootleg math zelda / final fantasty

  17. I Now Wanna See Kirby Rob a Bank Just so he Can Pay His Taxes

  18. Maybe I will send you a fan game by Mr. Fortnite

  19. kirby: soo kids did u learn anything today
    me: 0110011001100011100010101

  20. Kirby and conner the waffle should be a ship C:

    Spongebob cant drive but kirby CAN

  21. Kirby would be a great example for teaching students about amoeba

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