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If video games were educational

Greg Renko
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A short skit about how a gamer must answer educational related questions in order to open a chest full of treasure

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  1. Math games!?

    :prodigy. Iam i that bad

    :me yes

  2. I just want to mention that your skills in making guns with these things are amazing

  3. Bro really spent hundreds of dollars on a book for a skit 💀

  4. Unrelated story but kinda related: I was talking to my friends about how I beat minecraft in hardcore and all that and then we started to chat about our goals in minecraft
    And then one of the "rejects" of the class approached us out of no where and said: oh are you talking about minecraft? I have minecraft education edition! What about you?

    Me and da boi's left

  5. That's literally every game that's made by schools

  6. Ahhh Greg is actually right cuz 🤓:
    3 × 2-1=5

  7. Oh look oh look oh look oh look Oh look oh look oh look oh look Oh look oh look oh look oh look Oh look oh look oh look oh look Oh look oh look oh look oh look

  8. “Fine the answers two” me: wait a second…

  9. Gaming has been ruined because of school and Prodigy

  10. We are soooo lucky video games don’t have educational stuff in them.

  11. If you use math it wont work just be violent

  12. "Why are there math problems in a VIDEO GAME?!"

    Prodigy has left the chat

  13. Bruh if i get a chemistry textbook in a videogame i expect to be making realistic explosives with chemistry.

  14. There's Minecraft education edition, I saw it on Google Play store, the fact it's free is one thing

  15. (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)

  16. The magic eight ball told me to dislike your video sorry

  17. Why are there math problems in a game

    Portal 2 Educational Version: 👁️👄👁️

  18. I subbed thank for being a good YouTuber!

  19. Boldi: but math is fuuuuuuuun
    Me: No one cares Boldi!

  20. And the worst part is, educational games actually exist. I'm not joking…

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