How to Use MentalUP Educational Brain Games? Benefits of MentalUP -

How to Use MentalUP Educational Brain Games? Benefits of MentalUP

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Have you explored MentalUP educational brain training games, which help children develop their thinking and learning skills and contribute to their school success?

Educational and entertaining MentalUP brain training games are developed by child development specialist, academicians and game designers. All of the brain exercises are designed in the form of games, therefore children do not see MentalUP as an additional responsibility, anything but they find it fun and enjoy playing.

MentalUP allows children to get the best out of technology in a controlled manner and beneficially. MentalUP offers a personalised, daily 20-minute study plan according to each child’s learning speed for a balanced development of cognitive skills.

While children develop their thinking and learning skills by playing entertaining brain games, you can monitor their development through detailed performance reports. These reports provide you with important tips on your child’s prominent skills and the skills that can be improved.

Which one of the attention, memory, visual, verbal and logic skills does your child use more effectively? In the example report, we can easily see that the child’s visual skills are more advanced than other skills. In this case, that child may be more prone to visual-artistic activities. We also notice that the performance in verbal games is lower than in other categories. That means; the child, who has proven his potential in other areas, can also improve his verbal skills significantly.

You can check these reports frequently to monitor the development of your children over time and guide them more effectively
If you like, you can help your children discover their potential by assessing their skills within their age groups.
Families’ favourite and the most educational kids’ app MentalUP is available on Google play store, App store and

Get started now by creating your username and password in a few simple steps!

MentalUP supports development of thinking and learning skills in regular use. Support your children to enjoy this entertaining development journey!

🧠Attention Development Exercises / Games
🐘 Memory Improvement Exercises / Games
🎏 Visual Intelligence Exercises / Games
📖 Verbal Intelligence Exercises / Games
🔢 Math Exercises / Games
💬 Logic Development Exercises / Games

MentalUP is suitable for all children. It is also quite popular among parents who would like to support their mental health 😊 Follow us on social media for more information about development of children’s attention, memory, problem solving and visual & verbal skills.


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