How To Play Hot Seat | Fun Classroom Game -

How To Play Hot Seat | Fun Classroom Game

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How to play Hot Seat. This video shows you how to play the hot seat classroom game and the hot seat rules. Hot seat is a classic classroom game that students love. Check the video for instructions on how to play the hot seat game.

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  1. yes this worked thanks so munch! i have a bunch of kids in my 1st class its crazy so it saved me a headhache and they loved it

  2. please can you tell me , what software you are using , what kind of whiteboard is this?

  3. What happened if the student is unable to find the correct word

  4. So basically pinoy henyo. A popular pilipino game

  5. OMG it works! I’m at LA DODGERS and I used this as an ice breaker and it was amazing. All praise to the most high to give you props sir or madam. Thank you 🙏

  6. I had to watch this for morning meeting in my school, and its actually not one of those boring videos, i really like it, and it seems very fun!

  7. I liked this video but I wish there were more ideas on how to play this or other games in a zoom class

  8. Great idea, but not a game for my students tho, for they are too of a beginner to be able to describe a thing even with the simplest words and expressions.

  9. So the seat starts burning in flames?

  10. Thank you I will see if i could pull this of this Friday i love to havw fun and I want to havw a quick end of rhw week thanks

  11. Thanks for video! What if the student can't find the word?

  12. Lots of great ideas! My favourites are the ones that get students out of their seats, moving around the classroom and talking to their classmates. Basically, student-centred to the max.

  13. It’s basically the pyramid game. All of my students love this one. Having the students come up with the categories is a great language workout in itself.

  14. I have morning meeting as well and I’m going to introduce this game to my teachers and my classmates I’m so excited for fourth grade

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