Gaming for Education: Video Games Have Educational Value -

Gaming for Education: Video Games Have Educational Value

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Video games have a reputation for rotting young minds with their emphasis on weapons, violence, conflict and death. But some teachers and game designers say these games can have real educational value.

Video game designer Liz Fiacco says, “Well done games are literature. They’re amazing and it’s just a different kind of a way to experience something.”

This new kind or literature can simulate whole new environments that students should be learning from, according to Bernie Dodge, professor of learning design and technology at San Diego State University.

“If we really want to prepare kids for this century then I think there is a different kind of game required, its more like a simulated experience, more like moving through an environment that you can’t actually get to right here and now.”


  1. reasons why they can be educational:- Simulated experience- Exploring new environments (Solar systems)- Thinking Logically- Fun- Learning cycle trough trial error- Challenge yourself to obtain the knowledge that's necessary- Unique experience by exploring new worlds.- NOT every game though- Books => better for imagination

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