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Game Theory’s Top 10 Educational Games

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Oregon Trail, Bill Nye, Carmen Sandiego. We know the names but which game series was the best at getting us interested in getting educated? Most educational games are lame, but these ten were the best of the best.

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  1. anyone watching this 2016 October i still remaber the day it came out

  2. Prodigy is probably one of the most engaging math games

  3. Violentbuffalo





  5. I've been watching for years I dint know this exstisted

  6. At the beginning instead of saying 'what is this madness' you should have said: 'what is this, watchmojo?'

  7. i was literally named after daniel tigers from mr rogers. im serious. i would not be guilty about letting a meteor crash into him.

  8. I'm watching this in 2017 and It's so weird.

  9. The best game theory video isn't a theory

  10. Bill Nye has destroyed his reputation by trading science for whatever the left wants him to say.

  11. This was the second video I watched from game theory

  12. playing any video game in a language you don't know after playing it in your native lenguage makes it educational

  13. Dafaq is this….. I thought u were better than this mat

  14. Does anyone remember an educational game that took place in Egypt and followed a group of kids as they solved what I remember being mostly math based games. I remember counting jewels, there was some orange hair girl with braids that I had a crush on as a kid, and it ended up with them fighting lava and traps in a temple or pyramid or something. ( they had several games, I most vividly remember the eygiptian one)

  15. Matpat im getting you sunscreen for christmas

  16. I loved Number Munchers. It was always great when you finished your assignment on the computer early and could choose a game to play or when you could just play a game from the start of class

  17. When I create a game called preomon. It might be the most educational game ever.

  18. Im looking for cool games that gives you the all info about the things and animals a world anything.

  19. There were actually Power Glove controls made for Sesame Street. It would be hilarious if someone could do a video playing it that way. Anyway, the best Sesame Street games are the one made for CDi that got ported to Windows.

  20. tfw you have to hop to a different channel just to see part one

  21. Ah babypat, I remember when this video came out, love your channel so much

  22. Put put
    Put put
    Put put
    Put put
    Put put
    Put put
    Put put
    Put put
    Put put
    Put put

  23. omg BrutalMoose looks so different now

  24. Carmen Sandiego definitely taught me about countries which I forgot about after one year.

  25. Did you know Carmen Sandiego is also a Netflix original serious as well

  26. I remember Sesame Street ABC! I got that game for my birthday when I was little!

  27. Ah, where in the World is Carmen SanDiego…I always had trouble tracking the suspect

  28. I also remember Super Munchers, it was my favorite game to play in class at school

  29. I'm absolutely awful at geography. I bet I wouldn't be if I played Carman Sandiego.
    Also, searching for an "educational" game that I played when I was a kid but remember very little about it. Hoping to find it at some point.

  30. 3ds was the best. Spanish, Science to S.Y.Z… ( xyz get it…many other languages )

  31. I remember having to play Number Crunchers in elementary school! I kind of forgot about that game until now!

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